Wannabees – Imaginative roleplay packs – REVIEW!

I was able to review a fab little pack from wannabees this week! The timing was perfect, it arrived on a Saturday when Boy & Girl where here too!


Girl was over joyed with the pack! She loves playing schools and its generally what they will spend hours playing whilst they are here (Sassy and Midge struggle a little as they only go to nursery at the moment) Both Boy and Girl had a bit of a heated debate about who was going to be teacher first! Girl won.. Obviously!

From their website the teacher pack includes:

Teacher Pack

  • Lots of exciting forms to fill in (50 in total)
  • Reward stickers and certificates for well behaved pupils!
  • Perforated pages so that items can be easily taken out and used
  • Perfect gift for any youngster who “loves” to play teachers
  • Includes:- Registers, timetables, lesson planners, classroom jobs list, lunch lists, weather charts, counting sheets, letter and number sheets, reading logs, school reports, achievement certificates, stickers

There is also a doctors pack which you can buy which looks like fun too!

Doctor Pack

  • Lots of exciting forms to fill in (50 in total)
  • Reward stickers and certificates for brave patients!
  • Perforated pages so that budding doctors can easily remove the forms
  • Perfect gift for any youngster who “loves” to play doctors
  • Includes:- Name badges, bed layout plans, patient health records, eyesight tests, growth charts, patient examination forms, end of bed notes, injection records, appointment cards, prescriptions, stickers

The kids filled in the register and we now have some certificates stuck around the house, and I have stickers falling out of the washing machine because everything was chucked in for wash without removing stickers first (OOPS!!)

Its really good, the counting and weather is fab and the letter tracing is great, I didnt think Sassy was able to trace as many letters as she could, and she was saying them as she was doing them so not only where they playing they where also helping her learn! She likes to write her own name but often writes letters back to front. The girls both know the weather but this helped put it into pictures.

It kept all 4 kids occupied for ages! I will definately consider getting the doctor one for either boy or girl for christmas.

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If you would like to learn moreĀ  check them out here:


I was supplied a free pack in return for an honest review, all views are my own.

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