FiddleBeads Necklace REVIEW!

Sometimes really fab prducts come along and once youve used it you think, how did I ever manage before?! Well I thought the same when I had Sassy and was breastfeeding, I loved breastfeeding hugely however Sassy has nails like mine which grow very very fast and are rather scratchy and strong so I used to end up covered in claw marks whenever I fed her. So I bought a necklace which was supposed to keep her occupied, it was a cheap one, plastic and brigtly coloured and very very long, I wasnt a fan but it did what I needed it to do and kept her hands occupied. Its still at my mums house now and the girls like to wear it. I didnt use anything when feeding Midge as I did only do it for a short time. This time im already prepared! at 28 weeks I have a really amazing, versatile, cute necklace, which is wood not plastic, very smooth, adjustable in length and doesnt look like something that belongs in Sassys jewellery case.

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These necklaces are gorgeous! My photography can not catch how fab they are. The wood is brilliantly smooth. Everything from Fiddlebeads is completely baby safe, the coloured wooden beads are all EN71-3 tested, the juniper teething shapes and beads are EU compliant, as are the ash teething rings and finally the silicone beads and shapes are all nasty free and safety tested so you can buy safe in the knowledge that everything is totally baby friendly.

Hayley Has also recenly introduced a new silicone/wood and just silicone range which gives you more optiona again. The beads can come in all different colours and they can be totally customised to what you want!

A few words from Hayley:

I also make custom pieces, I can match wrap/carrier/outfits or a can make for special occasions or baby shower/new baby gifts and I am always more than happy to chat to people if they have something specific in mind. I have a Facebook page which is and also an etsy shop which is  I am also on twitter and instagram and I am @fiddlebeads

And why Fiddlebeads started:

Fiddle beads fiddle necklaces were created when my breasteeding, sling riding daughter was pinching and pulling at me all the time when feeding or being worn, she was so distracted and nosey at the breast and pulling off at every little sound and was quite partial to pulling my hair when being carried. Fiddle beads are the perfect answer to keep her attention at the breast and also keep her hands and fingers occupied when feeding or being worn, and save me from pinching and pulling.

They really are fab and even though I dont have a tiny one at the moment I still wear it a lot & Midge likes to fiddle with it when shes tired. Both girls also enjoy wearing it. The strings are adjustable and I cannot wait untill Baby Blue Bump is here to use it fully! 😀

I was sent the necklace in return for an honest review, all opinions are my own.

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