I’m such a bad parent..

Well not really (I hope anyway!) But yesterday it dawned on me, I am forever bribing my children, blackmailing them into being good.

If you don’t tidy up your toys you can’t get *insert crafty activity* out.

If we don’t get tidyed up we arnt going to be able to go to the shop.

If you don’t eat your tea you can’t have afters.

If you don’t go off to sleep quietly we wont be doing fun things tomorrow…

How awful am I?! I’ve really got to try other approaches, I’d never considered how much I do it until yesterday. Naughty mummy!

A Cornish Mum


4 thoughts on “I’m such a bad parent..”

  1. Oh gosh, I do this a lot. Leo has awful tantrums, sometimes the only way I can stop him screaming on the shop floor is if I bribe him with chocolate/TV for when we get home. Ahh, so bad! I think all parents do this to some extent though, right?! xx #pickNmix

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