The trials of 3 under 5..

Maybe a few days ago you saw my tweet about siblings in sync? Well currently in my house all 3 siblings seem to need to poo at the same time! Midge is toilet training but still uses pull ups sometimes. Sassy has been toilet trained since she was 2 & a half and little L is 3 months old..
It kind of goes something like this.
I sit down to change little L because he’s stinking (again) suddenly midge is diving behind the sofa, she’s wearing big girl pants. Midge only hides behind the sofa when she’s done something she shouldn’t.. Then the smell slaps me round the face, oh no! I have little L nappyless laying on the changing mat, now midge has poo’d in (her sisters) pants which if not cleaned quick will be all over the floor & everywhere else, so I tell her to go into the bathroom, I’ll be in in a second, so off she goes. Suddenly I hear sassy screeching, “get out I’m trying to poo! It’s rude don’t watch me!…Mummy I was too busy playing and I started to¬† wee in my clothes & on the
bathroom floor/ toilet seat a bit!!” So whilst still attempting to wrestle a nappy back onto little L , midge is stood on the landing unsure where to go now pants full & uncomfortable, sassy screeching about privacy & needing new clothes, I just shake my head, why must they all go at the same time?! This is a regular occurrence as well, not just a one off. I never knew 3 little people could produce so much poo.

The other thing is being hungry or thirsty, every time I sit down to give little L his bottle one of the girls will appear from nowhere “I’m very very hungry” “I’m sooo thirsty” “I really really am so hungry/thirsty” “honestly I really need a drink”

At night they seem to tag team against me. There was a night last week, sassy was up till 10.30, midge then woke at 1.05 and again at 2.15, then little L woke at 3.30, sassy got out of bed to go the toilet & then was up untill 4.30, then little L woke at 6 when we got up.. Most nights I’ll go to bed about 11 midge will wake at 2 ish then be up till 4-5 then little L wakes at 5-5.30.

It is a total madhouse here, and as much as I wish they’d sleep better, that kids came toilet trained and wernt bottomless pits, they are my whole world.


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5 thoughts on “The trials of 3 under 5..”

  1. Oh gosh, 3 would be MANIC. It’s crazy enough here with two and mostly because my 3 year old daughter is non stop and crazy. My one year old son is pretty good (for now!).

    The only annoying toilet thing he does is have a poo every day at 8.45am – the exact time we need to leave for the preschool run, so we are normally running late after this every day! I really need to get him out of this habit as we’ll not be able to be late when Bella starts school this year!

    1. Yes it’s deffinately a mad house here! Luckily little L is a really good baby and will happily bat at toys and giggle away to himself and the girls are quite happy to occupy themselves (totally trashing their bedroom) and they are all in bed by 8, so I know at the moment I’ve got it easy… Once little L becomes mobile I know life will become impossible!

  2. This gives me the fear. We’re already trying to navigate the tricky balancing of three sets of needs and it’s leaving us hungry! We live in terror of “I have too?” as they devour our lunches leaving their own untouched.

    The other thing is when they are not quite in sync and it’s only when they see their sibling had a drink that they want one to. But not in that cup. Or that one. WANT THAT ONE!


    1. I could have written your comment myself haha, although my girls sassy always has the pink cups, midge has orange cups but if one changes their mind all hell breaks loose!!

  3. No one in this house ever seems to need the bathroom until someone else is in there! One day I dream of a house with 2 loos ha! Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

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