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To new mummies & mummies to be (and daddies of course!)


Hi, well if your here your probably embarking on the most exciting, exhausting, exhilarating journey of your life, there will be good times, bad times and down right crappy times! Sometimes the baby will be awake for hours, crying & screaming, other times they will smile, giggle, babble & grab your finger.

What do you need? Well a babies basic needs are

to be fed & watered, whatever way you choose to feed your baby comes with equipment, bottles, steriliser, bottle brush, breast pump, nursing bras, nipple cream, breast pads.

To be comfy, clean dry nappies as needed, wipes to clean their bum, barrier cream helps prevent nappy rash, bamboo inserts if your cloth nappying, clean soft baby clothes, sleepsuits are best. Soft blankets which arnt scratchy or too heavy. Personally you cannot beat a knitted blanket. Enough layers that they arnt cold but not too many that they are too hot!

Sleep, somewhere appropriate & comfy to sleep, feet to foot position to stop baby wriggling down, not cluttered (no teddies which can fall onto baby) no pillows under 12 months, make sure they can’t roll off or out or get trapped. New mattress as it lowers the risk of SIDS.

Safety, appropriate pushchair for the age, a carrycot attachment is best at first, car seat, new not second hand, stair gates to barrier any hazards, cupboard locks to stop them drinking bleach or eating washing tablets.. (Yes the last ones you have a bit of time to worry about but not much!!)

Anything else is just nice to have so once you’ve got the basics then go but your nice to haves, pretty bedding, dummies, baby monitors, sleeping bags,baby bouncy chairs, swings, toys, mobiles. What’s important to you won’t be to everyone, your baby may not even like the extra bits you buy. Go second hand wherever you can (except for car seats and mattress) because babies use things for such a short amount of time! Little L is now in a cot bed, he used his Moses basket for 3 months but one month of that he was in his pushchair because he had such a bad cold/cough he needed to be upright.

Feed your baby how you feel is appropriate for your family, I breastfed sassy for 9 months, she was my only child we fell into it easily and she refused bottles, midge I breastfed for 6 weeks, then we moved house and suddenly I was alone with a 20 month old and a newborn all day so bottles where easier, little L I exclusively breastfed for about 5 days but he lost weight & I found it hard with a 2 year old and 4 year old, school runs and shopping and everything else! Don’t feel guilt whatever way you choose to feed! Baby being fed is the most important thing.

After the birth you may bleed, quite a lot. Make sure you’ve got thick pads, maternity ones or normal night time pads are fine. You may also get cramps as your stomach shrinks back down too. Like minor contractions.

If people are going to buy stuff or give you gifts either open a savings account or ask for baby shop gift cards so you can purchase what you need, who really needs 3 singing teddies or 2 of the same ball. Or 10000 outfits which are too small. We asked for any clothes to be 6 months + as we had bought most bits upto 6 months. 3 months after birth we are now going into 6-9 month clothes.

It will be hard, but it’s also so rewarding. The smiles, the giggles makes the sleep deprivation worth it. Babies whilst they are quite delicate, they arnt as delicate as some people seem to think. No shaking them but they don’t need to be totally wrapped in cotton wool, or maybe that’s just me..

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