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Feeling like I’ve lost the connection

Recently I’ve begun feeling like I’ve lost my connection with my girls, I feel I’m always telling them “no” “wait” “in a minute” but that minute never comes. I feel I’m always feeding little L, cleaning up, tidying up, making the tea or on my phone eBay/shopping/Twitter/reading the news. So the girls have been pushed out. I hate myself for it. It shouldn’t be like this. I feel I don’t know my girls any more, I don’t know what goes on in their pretty little heads, they spend most of the day in their bedroom playing with their toys. I love that they are such independent children and very outgoing but I don’t want them to feel their mummy isn’t there for them.
I don’t think it’s helping midge because she still won’t use the toilet or potty but I think that’s partly because when I have to change her bum it means I’m paying her attention same with sassy at night times, she will get up lots of times & come into the front room and just say random things just so she’s got my attention whilst the other 2 are in bed.
They both tell me they miss me whenever they go anywhere.

I really need to get my connection back with my girls.



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  1. It can be so hard balancing everything, but them saying they miss you shows they know you love them and they love you back lovely.

    Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x

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