The new jungle book movie


Well it’s good but does anyone else feel it’s missing the charm of the original? And what’s with making all the Disney films grown up? It’s slightly dark isn’t it.

I watched it with both of my girls and if I’d watched it on my own first I may have not watched it with midge. Although my girls are pretty mature when it comes to things some kids may find scary.

I do think it’s missing some of the best bits, Kaa’s mesmerising eyes & dance, the elephant rank song, the full bear necessity song, and king Louie was a little too sinister. And why change the songs?

Maybe it’s because I used to watch the original Disney movies over & over as a kid and in my head that’s how they should be… Disney films are supposed to be light and fun for children, not dark & scary.

I am now watching the original with my girls and instead of hiding their faces they are laughing. As much as they did enjoy the new jungle book the original is the firm favourite.

Have you seen it?

10 thoughts on “The new jungle book movie”

    1. Now re-watching the original it’s making me realise how much they’ve missed out in the new one. The graphics are stunning but it’s not as little people friendly.

  1. I love the jungle book, it’s one of my favourite Disney movies (If not my actual favourite!), I heard they’ve missed bits out and no full bare necessities song?! that’s my favourite part!! Not sure I want to watch this movie without that haha but my kids really want to see it! xx
    (Pic N Mix)

    1. There’s a little bit of balu’s song but not the whole thing and Sassy actually missed that the bear had sung at all (she’s watched it twice now) until I watched it with her. I was so excited for it but felt it had been made too grown up with too much emphasis on fire. It’s a little dark, but then my two are 2&4 so only little

    1. Yeah, it’s a little dark, even the bits which are upbeat in the original (king louie singing) are a bit threatening in this one! I do think Disney are making their films too grown up now.

  2. Oh no, no, no, no and NO! You can’t miss all those songs (or full versions) out of Jungle Book. Now it’s not Jungle Book anymore! Just like the sequel didn’t quite hit the mark. I LOVE the original! #PicknMix

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