Cloth nappies

I love cloth nappies, I wanted to use them even before little L was born, but big L didn’t seem to be so enthusiastic so I didn’t bother. In June with midge’s brilliant (and successful) attempt at giving up her nappies I thought I would go for it. When I TOLD big L he said “well it’ll save money” (arghh I know that why didn’t you say that 6 months ago!!!) So I started looking into it, what type, who’s are best. I asked on Twitter and got a few replies, then I turned to trusty eBay where I came across kernow kloth, ohh I thought they must be near me (because obviously Cornwall is tiny…) so I emailed, they where just across the road!! So we arranged to meet at the childrens clothes bank. Whilst there we found a big bag of clothes nappies too so I came away with 3 gorgeous new kernow kloth nappies 

Aswell as a bag containing various types of other reusable nappies (fuzzibuns and some Australian brands) and some inserts. I was very excited! 

The first couple of days we suffered leakages, only small but still. Then I realised I could pull them tighter than normal nappies because they are lobely and soft not plastic-y and to add an extra insert at night. We don’t have leaks now. 
I use pocket nappies so there’s an opening under the top layer which you put the inserts in, the later next to the skin stays dry (it’s very clever) if he poos I rinse it off under the tap in the bath, if he wees I put it straight in the washing machine. It really is so simple! If I make up the nappies as soon as they come out of the tumble dryer it really is just like using disposables. It’s not produced any extra washing for me because I do so many washes in a day anyway. I don’t find it any extra work. And now we barely have any nappies! No weekly rush because we’re Down to the last nappy.
Oh and cost wise, my kernow kloth nappies where £5.25 per nappy, so just over £15, the inserts £1.50 each and I got 6.so in total just over £24. Yes you would need a few more but I make do with 5. So it’s not a huge outlay when you consider that nappies fit from birth to potty training (I have tried one on midge just to check, it had to be on the loosest fitting but it did fit.) So the cost saves in the long run.
I love them and the designs and colours are so much nicer than those of regular nappies. 

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