Sorry, and an update

eugh I’ve managed to abandon my blog, again!! Well there’s been lots of changes going on here. Some of you may remember midge’s completely definate stance of never giving up her nappies, after she turned 3 and moved into the preschool room she was the only one still in nappies, so we said again to her did she want to try without? Did she want to show her new teachers what a really big girl she is? And she did, straight away. The accidents where minimal but she really went for it. Everyone was so pleased! Then this week id noticed her night time nappies where always dry, she goes for a wee before bed (often lots of times….) so last night we didn’t put on any pull ups and this morning she was still dry!! I’m so proud of her. Here’s to a cheaper life!  
Little L loves food (although not blended roast) I made veggie ice cubes which he ate, jarred food he’s eaten, rusks, wotsits, he’s sucked on a strawberry and drunk water from a sippy cup. We’ve also turned his play seat into a walker and he whizzes around the living room backwards! 

He’s still not rolled or sat up. He also says “yayaya” I think he’s teething, he’s always feeling his gums with his tongue & chewing everything. 
Sassy has a lunch at her new school tomorrow, I’m so excited whether she will eat it or not I’m unsure, hopefully! Then she also has an hour in her future classroom on Wednesday. It’s all very exciting, but also scary my first baby off to school! But I know she won’t even look back as she skips on in. Not sure how I’ll manage transport fees however, it’ll cost £6 a day and when they charge her too it’ll be £9 a day in total which over a week/month/term/year is a massive amount. I’m sure we will sort something but it’s one little black cloud hanging over the sheer excitement. 

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