I’m scared

Since having midge over 3 years ago my stomach hasn’t been right, I spent the time between having her & little L with a stomach which drooped out between the muscles when I lent over or tented up through the muscles when I went from laying down to sitting up. It was slightly painful but I just thought it was due to having a second baby. After little L was born I told the midwives in the hospital who said they’d reffered me to physio to help pull the muscles back in, I never got that appointment. Now 6 months later i still look 5 months pregnant, and I’ve got a squishy bulge at the top of my belly button, it goes when I lay down & gets bigger when I strain my stomach or cough. I’m terrified, I can’t have surgery, I’ve 3 babies to look after, school runs to do (with sassy starting primary In September) little L is just starting the journey into being a proper little person. 
I’m scared that it’s a hernia, I’m scared what it’ll mean for me, for my kids. I’m planning on making a doctor’s appointment today. I need to face it. 

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