Im Fern, Im 25 and from Truro, Cornwall. I have two little girls, Sassy- 19/09/2011 and midge- 17/05/2013 and now my little prince 31/12/2015, As well as my lovely partner. I am a qualified beauty therapist full level 2 and units of level 3 (I couldn’t bring myself to do electrolysis as poking needles in someones skin made me feel sick!) I also have national award in animal management which I enjoyed. Before having my girls I was a waitress in the Cathedral Restaurant and I LOVED it, I’d love to go back to being a waitress at some point. I love making food, I love helping occasionally in the kitchen and I love discussing the foods with customers. I’m quite a lucky person, generally if I want something I get it in the end, not materialistically as I’m not materialistic at all, but in general. I love to chat so feel free to send me a message or leave a comment

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  1. Hello,

    You have a very nice blog 🙂 And the blog layer is colorful,I really like it. And I actually needed an advice from you. As I’m a beginner blogger,I would really like to know how you inserted the banners [etail,showpro..etc] in the widgets. I tried to add photos but could not.

    Happy blogging & thanks in advance 🙂

    1. when you go onto customise theres a place to put widgets, go on widgets and then select text, thats where you put in the html which comes with the badges. You dont need to give it a title just the main text body. I hope that helps? if not then ill try get pictures showing it 🙂
      And thank you for the compliments 😀
      happy blogging to you too.

      1. thank you so much for replying.I thought that WordPress does not allow HTML of advertising banners etc.Thanks for the advice and good luck for your blog. Take care

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