Sosa dance fit & juice+ 

Well recently I was sent a Sosa dance fit DVD to review, the people behind it have realised that although there are lots of fitness videos out there a lot of them are very high impact which is fab if you can do it. Sosa is low impact so brilliant for people who arnt able or arnt recommended to do high impact workouts, like after having a baby or after surgery. 
The moves are simple to follow and are really fun. My children loved joining in which is great because it’s getting them up and moving too! And although my children are very active anyway it’s always good to tire them out a little. When you are doing the dances it really doesn’t feel as if you are doing exercise, as it gets nearer the end of the first times you feel a bit of a burn but it’s so much fun. 

I was able to do it whilst wearing little L in his sling which intensified the workout a little more, and got him off to sleep! 

Whilst reviewing the DVD I was also sent  juice+ capsules, now I was sceptical about them surely they where some gimmick made up to part people with their cash? I mean the claims they make to strengthen hair & nails, help you loose weight, help with sleeping etc seem really far fetched. I did 2 weeks on the tablets. I had less cravings for crap food, I wasn’t picking all the time, I lost weight and my nails where solid!! I can’t vouch for the energy or sleeping claims because I suffer with really low iron levels. Horrific. But I’m deffinately no longer a sceptic. Maybe the pills where a placebo, maybe they really are as good as I believe they are. 

Id deffinately recommend Sosa & juice + even if you did only do a couple of week trial.


Mental health and murderers 

another day, another horrific headline this time much closer to home. 6 people stabbed in london, a 61 year old lady lost her life, 5 where injured.
The headlines where quick to tell us the man had mental health issues, well I’m not sure if it’s just me but generally I always question the sanity of everyone who has carried out these atrocities. However does it really need to be shouted out in relation to these awful events? There is already a massive stigma around mental health and these headlines can not do any good! 

So many people don’t understand and already consider us crazy or mental or wrong in the head and now people will avoid us thinking we are about to suddenly turn into this evil monster and carry out truely unspeakable acts, I promise I may not be happy, I may feel that everything is wrong but I won’t be murdering or injuring anyone any time soon. 

Yes they may be unstable, they have caused all manner of hurt, but if mental health was this serious it shows again a serious lack of help for people who are struggling. Yes you can’t help people who arnt willing to help themselves (honestly I’ve left it 3 years+ hoping it would go away it’s self before getting help) but why was someone who was obviously so effected not given help? Or are they using the mental health issues as a blanket excuse for every incident? Because it’s not an excuse at all. 
My thoughts are with the family of the lady who passed away and the families of the injured. I hope the young man gets the help he needs now & sees the error in his ways & feels remorse and is truely sorry ( I’m not holding my breath though) 


Something awesome came to Truro..

On Saturday under the extremely bright,hot Cornish sun (not a sentence you read very often! Were more used to the liquid kind…)  a 10.2 metre high puppet visited my little city. It didn’t just randomly stroll on in (well duh it’s a puppet!) 

10 years ago the kind people of UNESCO realised how important Cornish mining had been in shaping the uk & much further afield, minerals mined from our insignificant little point had been shipped, freighted all over the place. And so 10 years go the Cornish mining district was awarded world heritage status, along side the great wall of China and the taj mahal. Truro was (I think, I maybe wrong) one of the first places to have the tin stamps. When in Cornwall you are never too far away from a disused mine (honest if most of you had viewed the mining maps you’d all move away! Well just look at Camborne/redruth falling into the ground) it was hard, dirty work and very very dangerous, many a life was lost in this way, either through rock falls, false floors collapsing, being passed or being drowned amongst other things. The holes go many many fathoms down (6 feet = 1 fathom) and the real show of Cornish spirit yesterday was a real bringing together of mining past and present. Recently mining has fallen off schools curriculum, we learn about far flung places but not stuff that went on on our own doorstep. So during the run up to the 2 week crawl starting from tailstock and ending at geevor tin mine the wonderful crew worked with local schools to create stuff related to mining and to tell the kids about it. How great are they? 

So anyways we have this massive puppet in Truro. We got there by 12.30 (it didn’t start untill 2) but because I knew there would be hundreds of people I wanted to get a place that midge could see. However this did mean that by 1.30 she was a whingy crying mess on the floor. However when they pulled the cover off she soon perked up. 

There was lots of singing and the commentator Will Coleman was captivating and so funny! The stories he told and the way he told them really created a lovely atmosphere with singing and laughter. The man engine itself was all built down here and was the largest mechanical structure built in the uk (I bet the previous winners never got the amazing following this has got!) 

Midge loves the man engine & keeps talking about it and singing her own versions of the songs. I loved it too. It was funny, clever, magical and such a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon! 

I do think at things like this it should be ensured that children have a sectioned off area near the front to save the having to keep a child from having a meltdown  because theyve got to wait so long so they make sure they have a good view. Thank you to the lovely people who I was stood near for helping keep midge entertained and for not making me feel like rubbish when she had eventually had enough & had a mini meltdown.

Man engine & crew, we thoroughly enjoyed it! 


I’m scared

Since having midge over 3 years ago my stomach hasn’t been right, I spent the time between having her & little L with a stomach which drooped out between the muscles when I lent over or tented up through the muscles when I went from laying down to sitting up. It was slightly painful but I just thought it was due to having a second baby. After little L was born I told the midwives in the hospital who said they’d reffered me to physio to help pull the muscles back in, I never got that appointment. Now 6 months later i still look 5 months pregnant, and I’ve got a squishy bulge at the top of my belly button, it goes when I lay down & gets bigger when I strain my stomach or cough. I’m terrified, I can’t have surgery, I’ve 3 babies to look after, school runs to do (with sassy starting primary In September) little L is just starting the journey into being a proper little person. 
I’m scared that it’s a hernia, I’m scared what it’ll mean for me, for my kids. I’m planning on making a doctor’s appointment today. I need to face it. 


Cloth nappies

I love cloth nappies, I wanted to use them even before little L was born, but big L didn’t seem to be so enthusiastic so I didn’t bother. In June with midge’s brilliant (and successful) attempt at giving up her nappies I thought I would go for it. When I TOLD big L he said “well it’ll save money” (arghh I know that why didn’t you say that 6 months ago!!!) So I started looking into it, what type, who’s are best. I asked on Twitter and got a few replies, then I turned to trusty eBay where I came across kernow kloth, ohh I thought they must be near me (because obviously Cornwall is tiny…) so I emailed, they where just across the road!! So we arranged to meet at the childrens clothes bank. Whilst there we found a big bag of clothes nappies too so I came away with 3 gorgeous new kernow kloth nappies 

Aswell as a bag containing various types of other reusable nappies (fuzzibuns and some Australian brands) and some inserts. I was very excited! 

The first couple of days we suffered leakages, only small but still. Then I realised I could pull them tighter than normal nappies because they are lobely and soft not plastic-y and to add an extra insert at night. We don’t have leaks now. 
I use pocket nappies so there’s an opening under the top layer which you put the inserts in, the later next to the skin stays dry (it’s very clever) if he poos I rinse it off under the tap in the bath, if he wees I put it straight in the washing machine. It really is so simple! If I make up the nappies as soon as they come out of the tumble dryer it really is just like using disposables. It’s not produced any extra washing for me because I do so many washes in a day anyway. I don’t find it any extra work. And now we barely have any nappies! No weekly rush because we’re Down to the last nappy.
Oh and cost wise, my kernow kloth nappies where £5.25 per nappy, so just over £15, the inserts £1.50 each and I got 6.so in total just over £24. Yes you would need a few more but I make do with 5. So it’s not a huge outlay when you consider that nappies fit from birth to potty training (I have tried one on midge just to check, it had to be on the loosest fitting but it did fit.) So the cost saves in the long run.
I love them and the designs and colours are so much nicer than those of regular nappies. 


Sorry, and an update

eugh I’ve managed to abandon my blog, again!! Well there’s been lots of changes going on here. Some of you may remember midge’s completely definate stance of never giving up her nappies, after she turned 3 and moved into the preschool room she was the only one still in nappies, so we said again to her did she want to try without? Did she want to show her new teachers what a really big girl she is? And she did, straight away. The accidents where minimal but she really went for it. Everyone was so pleased! Then this week id noticed her night time nappies where always dry, she goes for a wee before bed (often lots of times….) so last night we didn’t put on any pull ups and this morning she was still dry!! I’m so proud of her. Here’s to a cheaper life!  
Little L loves food (although not blended roast) I made veggie ice cubes which he ate, jarred food he’s eaten, rusks, wotsits, he’s sucked on a strawberry and drunk water from a sippy cup. We’ve also turned his play seat into a walker and he whizzes around the living room backwards! 

He’s still not rolled or sat up. He also says “yayaya” I think he’s teething, he’s always feeling his gums with his tongue & chewing everything. 
Sassy has a lunch at her new school tomorrow, I’m so excited whether she will eat it or not I’m unsure, hopefully! Then she also has an hour in her future classroom on Wednesday. It’s all very exciting, but also scary my first baby off to school! But I know she won’t even look back as she skips on in. Not sure how I’ll manage transport fees however, it’ll cost £6 a day and when they charge her too it’ll be £9 a day in total which over a week/month/term/year is a massive amount. I’m sure we will sort something but it’s one little black cloud hanging over the sheer excitement. 


Lap baby *review*


We all know how difficult it can be when you’ve got a little baby who is now more alert but not yet big enough to sit alone and play with toys. At little L’s age he just wants to be with me, watching what’s going on, watching his sister’s play but it’s quite difficult to do anything when I’m trying to keep a wriggly, easily excitable little L perched on my lap.

I was given the chance to review the brand new lap baby. It was only released 1st may so it’s a brand new product and I’ve personally never known anything like it.


It’s a bit of material which goes around your waist/tummy, it is adjustable and soft. I wasn’t sure how comfortable it would be but it is really easy to wear & comfort isn’t an issue! Then the baby sits in front and the front bit of fabric goes around them, Velcro to the side & a clip to make sure they are really safely held in place. Again all the fabric is really soft. There’s also a strap to attach a dummy or toy to and a fold out cloth which covers baby’s lap and is wipeable & removable.


As you’ll know from my blog the girls love reading stories and they love me reading them stories however since little L’s arrival its very much depended on him as to whether we’ve been able to sit down and read, since having the lap baby we’ve been able to read a lot more as I’ve both hands free! I’ve also been able to use the PC more rather than my phone. It was much simpler to use my phone because I could rest little L on me and carry on with one hand, but with lap baby I’m able to sit on the computer chair and use the PC cutting down on the time it takes to do things!
If like me you have to use public transport busses, trains, taxis then you’ll understand the difficulties they can cause when you’ve a little one with you. There’s no seatbelts, carrying a car seat is very awkward, if you’ve other kids with you too then it gets even more difficult if your holding the smallest with no hands to control the others, when the bus is full but you’ve got to fold your pushchair up. The lapbaby helps out massively in these situations, you can secure baby on your lap and you have your hands free to deal with siblings, ring the bell, read a book whatever you need to do! And it all folds down Into a little bag which will fit under your pushchair, in your changing bag or even in your hand bag. The colour is neutral so mummy or daddy can use it for their boys or girls.


I also think they’d be handy for child minders/ nursery settings where they have young children fighting for attention.

I havnt used mine for eating, partly because we’re lazy & eat on the sofa, partly because he will often happily sit in his play centre for long enough for me to eat and mainly because I eat my food really hot, I’ve always got a burnt mouth because I don’t wait for it to cool and I’d worry too much about dropping it on his head.

I did also use it to strap sassy to a chair (I sound like such a mean mum. I was just seeing if it would fit an older child and what other uses (portable highchair anyone?) Sassy is very skinny and she fits in it.

I really think it’s a great invention and use mine a lot.

I was sent the lapbaby to review free of charge, all opinions are my own.


Wicked uncle *review*


Does anyone else have trouble finding gifts for someone else’s child? Or my your own for that matter, they change their minds so often!

I know I do, choosing gifts for boy who was 10 at the beginning of april was so hard! I ended up asking the lovely Stevie from a Cornish mum blog (go have a read, she’s great) for inspiration. Then I had girls 8th birthday coming up and again was at a loss, is she too old for dollies? Toy animals? What do 8 year old girls like? This is where the fab wicked uncle comes into its own. You can search visa couple of different criteria, so I chose girl, age 8, and it brings up various options which are popular with children in that age range! But don’t despair if your girl is a tomboy or if your boys love to copy mummy and like to play dollies. Wicked uncle know not all girls like barbies and not all boys like diggers. So there are other criteria you can use instead. You can just search by age, by the category of toy or just browse the most popular toys of the moment.

Standard delivery is £2.95 no matter the size & weight! Now that rivals most toy shops for starters! They also offer express delivery and Saturday delivery so they cover all bases (even if you forget until the day before!)

Now if for whatever reason the little persons birthday went out of your head until the last minute wicked uncle will even gift wrap it and write a card for you. The cards are hand written so they look authentic so it means you just click, wait, hand out. It couldn’t be any more time saving!

They also have a birthday reminder service which you can add birthdays to and each year they will send you an email with age appropriate gift suggestions.

Checkout was easy to use and not over complicated or drawn out, so if it’s reaching the 4pm deadline for orders don’t worry checkout is quite quick & easy.

I chose standard delivery and it arrived 2 days later. The toys where packed well and everything arrived in great condition, no dented or battered boxes.

It’s such a handy website even if you do know what your children like I bet you’d get even more ideas!

I received a money off voucher in return for an honest review which I have provided.


The new jungle book movie


Well it’s good but does anyone else feel it’s missing the charm of the original? And what’s with making all the Disney films grown up? It’s slightly dark isn’t it.

I watched it with both of my girls and if I’d watched it on my own first I may have not watched it with midge. Although my girls are pretty mature when it comes to things some kids may find scary.

I do think it’s missing some of the best bits, Kaa’s mesmerising eyes & dance, the elephant rank song, the full bear necessity song, and king Louie was a little too sinister. And why change the songs?

Maybe it’s because I used to watch the original Disney movies over & over as a kid and in my head that’s how they should be… Disney films are supposed to be light and fun for children, not dark & scary.

I am now watching the original with my girls and instead of hiding their faces they are laughing. As much as they did enjoy the new jungle book the original is the firm favourite.

Have you seen it?


The baby aim hamper (review)


A couple of weeks ago I received this stunning hamper through the door! (I did know it was coming but it was still a lovely surprise!) It’s from the baby aim, taken from the website:


Providing outstanding, professional and reliable care and support for you and your family.



To facilitate a happy and 
healthy family life for parents 
and their infants.

Candice provides help to families during pregnancy and after birth, we all know that time can be overwhelming, so much information is flung at you its hard to decipher what is relevant, well that’s where she helps you. So worth looking into if your finding things a bit difficult to wrap your head around! But that’s not the reason for my post..

These gorgeous hampers where originally part of her services however she now provides them separately too! They are available as pregnancy, baby and toddler ones and they are all individual. There’s a selection of goodies for mummy & baby. They would make great gifts to an expectant mummy, or one who’s just had a baby. Here’s what was in mine & little L’s


Pampers nappies & wipes, always an essential when you’ve got a baby!


Annabel karmel breadsticks- cheesy bread sticks are a good snacking choice when weaning.

Annabel karmel biscuits- milk & cereals so healthier than ‘normal’ biscuits, little L loves them.

Tommee tippee first cup- this will be handy as we start weaning to try get him drinking water with his food. And from the wonderful tommee tippee.

Vest- lovely soft snuggly vest.

Strawberry & raspberry tea- so yummy & refreshing, it’s lovely cold in the warm weather we’ve had recently too.


Cup & saucer- well what else would you put the tea in, very sweet.

Milk tray- well us busy mummies need a little bit of chocolate to get us through the day.

Garnier cleansing wipes- if you read my post about gross things I do since becoming a mum then these gorgeous smelling wipes where a beautiful addition, and cooling for during pregnancy.

Vaseline rosy lips- brilliant for dry lips and with a little pink tint makes you feel a little bit more put together.

Burt’s bees moisturiser- both of my girls lo e this & so do I, after sassy was born I bought all of their products for her & still buy them occasionally.

All of the items are lovely, good brands and good quality. The items come to approximately the same price as the hamper costs (that’s without the basket, ribbon, cellophane, labels or Candice’s time & travel) so are really worth it!

The hampers are £30 and I do think they are fab value for money and they come looking so pretty!
I’ll deffinately use all of the items in mine.

And well I had to try it out ;)…


And the customer service is fantastic, Candice is such a lovely person and will do as much as she can to make your hamper perfectly tailored to you.

I received the hamper at a reduced price but all opinions are honest.