Children that go bump in the night..

Midge can climb out of her cot. Sassy never mastered this, I doubt even now she could do it. Midge however should have been a boy (from scans showing her with hands between her legs, to climbing and fighting) Shes a total monkey child and NOTHING is safe from her what so ever!

A couple of nights ago both girls where in bed.  Sassy sleeps in her own room with the door shut  (she wont sleep properly with it open) so once shes in bed we don’t really hear anything from her. However midge is still in our room as she still wakes up at night occasionally for a bottle. And our bedroom door is always open, she had been shouting for a while (just general trying to have a chat with us playing around) but we ignored her hoping she would lie down and go to sleep, next thing we know little footsteps come running into the kitchen, HUGE beam on her face looking so proud! so I pick her up, take her back to bed and stand just out of sight, within a couple of minutes up she gets, goes to the end of her cot throws her leg up on top of it, pulls herself up & drops down the other side!

So weve removed the side of her bed. We both said if she tries climbing out too fast or slips she will bang her chin, and end up biting her tongue or hurting herself. So bed times are now a bit of fun keeping MonkeyMidge in bed to go to sleep. Sassy went straight from proper cot to a single bed, but then sassy slept through from 9 months, unlike midge who at 22 months stays up late, wakes up early hours and has a chat and plays around for an hour or so, then is up for the day between 6-7. Oh the joys of children..

Midge has only fallen out a couple of times since removing the side of her bed though.

Its also shown up a slight flaw in my house! Its a new build, its only been standing 2 years (not even that yet) and all new builds have wide doors for disabled access (despite the fact its a coach house so we are above 4 garages not on ground level..) so we took our baby gate off the kitchen archway to put on our bedroom door.. but it doesn’t fit on our bedroom door as the door is too wide! so if a person in a wheelchair did live here they can go through the rooms, but not in the kitchen. Although we did have the gate on the living room door at one point too so a wheelchair wouldn’t get into the living room either! why arnt all the doors the same size?!


Frozen & other disney fun!

I LOVE disney, im a right kid when it comes to everything Disney. ive always loved it when I was a kid I had every single Disney DVD there was!

I loved the princess stories and the animal stories, it was amazing to take an hour out and become part of a world where animals could talk, where extraordinary things happened to normal people.

These movies have always been loved by many many children of all ages and will do for as long as they are released! But what made frozen so popular?

Sassy spent the day skipping around the house singing LET IT GOOOOOO and throwing her arms about, stomping her foot and making faces. Shouting come on Anna at her little sister who is blindly running around behind her. Frozen is the first movie which caught Sassys eye, she became obsessed and would watch it multiple times a day. She knows all of the words and even named or pet rats Anna and Elsa.

There is no ‘real’ baddie in frozen, just a misunderstood girl which im sure many teens will relate to! Theres a talking snow man, who is mega cute! who doesnt love Olaf?! The main projection in the film is of sisterly love, there is the element of true love which runs through all Disney princess films, but the real true love in frozen is that of Anna and Elsa. And the songs, the songs are amazing. Very catchy, simple lyrics and fun. There is a lot of humor in frozen which will appeal to all sorts of ages.

Its a fantastic film, and will no doubt go on being a firm favourite. Now to bow to peer pressure and panic buy the toys for Christmas :O


A little about us

well, we live in Cornwall, its quiet and very pretty, but its also rather boring after a while & it rains a lot.
I am 23 (24 next month!) not tall but not short, qualified beauty therapist 😀 national diploma in animal management, mega animal lover. id love to be more earth-y but im not really. was a waitress before i had my children (oh i miss it!) i love my children & my other half dearly, ive got a pretty decent family who always support me, and im pretty happy generally.

OH is 35, very tall, hes a horticulturist, he can name most plants/flowers in the uk just by sight. he loves the outdoors and learning about the history of things. hes interested in the old cornish mine workings. hes slightly crazy, hugely funny, a little bit quiet and very very intelligent ( when he wants to be….) an hes definatly not scared to stand up for what he believes in.

sassy shes just turned 3, and i am no longer alloud to call her baby, this gets met with ‘im NOT a baby, im a big girl now!’ shes very bossy and very confident. she loves animals and peppa pig. shes recently learnt of the amazing world of disney movies 😀  she goes to nursery 3 days a week and loves it.

midge is 16 months. bossy, way too grown up. she also loves peppa pig. shes fearless, and will climb onto her sisters bike without a care!! shes going to give me a heart attack one day!