Lap baby *review*


We all know how difficult it can be when you’ve got a little baby who is now more alert but not yet big enough to sit alone and play with toys. At little L’s age he just wants to be with me, watching what’s going on, watching his sister’s play but it’s quite difficult to do anything when I’m trying to keep a wriggly, easily excitable little L perched on my lap.

I was given the chance to review the brand new lap baby. It was only released 1st may so it’s a brand new product and I’ve personally never known anything like it.


It’s a bit of material which goes around your waist/tummy, it is adjustable and soft. I wasn’t sure how comfortable it would be but it is really easy to wear & comfort isn’t an issue! Then the baby sits in front and the front bit of fabric goes around them, Velcro to the side & a clip to make sure they are really safely held in place. Again all the fabric is really soft. There’s also a strap to attach a dummy or toy to and a fold out cloth which covers baby’s lap and is wipeable & removable.


As you’ll know from my blog the girls love reading stories and they love me reading them stories however since little L’s arrival its very much depended on him as to whether we’ve been able to sit down and read, since having the lap baby we’ve been able to read a lot more as I’ve both hands free! I’ve also been able to use the PC more rather than my phone. It was much simpler to use my phone because I could rest little L on me and carry on with one hand, but with lap baby I’m able to sit on the computer chair and use the PC cutting down on the time it takes to do things!
If like me you have to use public transport busses, trains, taxis then you’ll understand the difficulties they can cause when you’ve a little one with you. There’s no seatbelts, carrying a car seat is very awkward, if you’ve other kids with you too then it gets even more difficult if your holding the smallest with no hands to control the others, when the bus is full but you’ve got to fold your pushchair up. The lapbaby helps out massively in these situations, you can secure baby on your lap and you have your hands free to deal with siblings, ring the bell, read a book whatever you need to do! And it all folds down Into a little bag which will fit under your pushchair, in your changing bag or even in your hand bag. The colour is neutral so mummy or daddy can use it for their boys or girls.


I also think they’d be handy for child minders/ nursery settings where they have young children fighting for attention.

I havnt used mine for eating, partly because we’re lazy & eat on the sofa, partly because he will often happily sit in his play centre for long enough for me to eat and mainly because I eat my food really hot, I’ve always got a burnt mouth because I don’t wait for it to cool and I’d worry too much about dropping it on his head.

I did also use it to strap sassy to a chair (I sound like such a mean mum. I was just seeing if it would fit an older child and what other uses (portable highchair anyone?) Sassy is very skinny and she fits in it.

I really think it’s a great invention and use mine a lot.

I was sent the lapbaby to review free of charge, all opinions are my own.


The baby aim hamper (review)


A couple of weeks ago I received this stunning hamper through the door! (I did know it was coming but it was still a lovely surprise!) It’s from the baby aim, taken from the website:


Providing outstanding, professional and reliable care and support for you and your family.



To facilitate a happy and 
healthy family life for parents 
and their infants.

Candice provides help to families during pregnancy and after birth, we all know that time can be overwhelming, so much information is flung at you its hard to decipher what is relevant, well that’s where she helps you. So worth looking into if your finding things a bit difficult to wrap your head around! But that’s not the reason for my post..

These gorgeous hampers where originally part of her services however she now provides them separately too! They are available as pregnancy, baby and toddler ones and they are all individual. There’s a selection of goodies for mummy & baby. They would make great gifts to an expectant mummy, or one who’s just had a baby. Here’s what was in mine & little L’s


Pampers nappies & wipes, always an essential when you’ve got a baby!


Annabel karmel breadsticks- cheesy bread sticks are a good snacking choice when weaning.

Annabel karmel biscuits- milk & cereals so healthier than ‘normal’ biscuits, little L loves them.

Tommee tippee first cup- this will be handy as we start weaning to try get him drinking water with his food. And from the wonderful tommee tippee.

Vest- lovely soft snuggly vest.

Strawberry & raspberry tea- so yummy & refreshing, it’s lovely cold in the warm weather we’ve had recently too.


Cup & saucer- well what else would you put the tea in, very sweet.

Milk tray- well us busy mummies need a little bit of chocolate to get us through the day.

Garnier cleansing wipes- if you read my post about gross things I do since becoming a mum then these gorgeous smelling wipes where a beautiful addition, and cooling for during pregnancy.

Vaseline rosy lips- brilliant for dry lips and with a little pink tint makes you feel a little bit more put together.

Burt’s bees moisturiser- both of my girls lo e this & so do I, after sassy was born I bought all of their products for her & still buy them occasionally.

All of the items are lovely, good brands and good quality. The items come to approximately the same price as the hamper costs (that’s without the basket, ribbon, cellophane, labels or Candice’s time & travel) so are really worth it!

The hampers are £30 and I do think they are fab value for money and they come looking so pretty!
I’ll deffinately use all of the items in mine.

And well I had to try it out ;)…


And the customer service is fantastic, Candice is such a lovely person and will do as much as she can to make your hamper perfectly tailored to you.

I received the hamper at a reduced price but all opinions are honest.


Rustic Gifts wax melts *review*

I was asked to review some wax melts for rustic gifts, of course I said yes. I am a massive fan of fruity scents, they are fresh, sweet and uplifting and always make me feel good!


I was sent:

Raspberry- I tried this one first as I love berries, The smell was gorgeous it was a sweet scent which made me smile straight away. The smell lasted for quite a while and it drifted nicely through the house the smell lingering in each room. It is a very fruity sweet scent, and completely gorgeous!

watermelon- this one was very fresh, it wasnt as strong as the raspberry one but again it was lovely and fruity giving a refreshing scent wafting around the house.

Grapefruit- this one I found to have the most subtle of scents. It drifted around in little bursts, just when you think it had stopped there would be a little pop of scent which was really quite nice.


All of the scents where very pleasant, the raspberry for me was by far the nicest scent and the longest lasting. I would use them all again, they where all lovely and fresh and fruity giving a real summery feel to the house.


For full lists of scents available ( aswell as the other beautifull items you can get) then find them on


and Instagram


I was sent these wax melts in return for an honest review which is what I have provided.

Doddle Bags * review*


I was very hppy when I was asked to review doddle bags, and im even happier now that Little L is about to begin his weaning journey ( I know hes only just 4 months but boy is he ready!)  These bags have so so many uses! there are currently two different attachemnts you can buy for it, a spoon or a paint brush! Or dont use an attachment and its just like a squeezy pouch.

you can use them for smoothies, yogurt, sauces, first weaning foods, toiletries, paint the uses really are endless.

What are DoddleBags?

Refillable, recyclable, dishwashable, freezable pouches with a spout. They are free from phthalates, PVC and BPA. Great for travellers and campers, babies and adults, artists and adventurers.

Each pack contains 10 calibrated pouches, 10 anti-choke caps in 10 different colours and 10 matching coding stickers.

Fill them with purees, smoothies, yoghurts, drinks in the kitchen, toiletries when you travel, (at 100ml, they are ideal for hand luggage), paint, glue, glitter, sand for your art projects. The list is endless. Click here for some inspiration….


For painting they are great, because rather than massive blobs of paint being splodged onto the papaer it is a small amount squeezed out so less paint is wasted and theres less mess. it makes it so much safer to give to a clumsy 2 year old ( yes midge i mean you) my favourite use for it by far was for yogurt, the ogurt is put in and closed up, you can put in an exact amount of yogurt, and as it squeezes straight onto the spoon it saves mess being made all over the foor (or table, hands or even head) and when tgeyve finished you dont nee dto put a sticky spoon back in your bag as you can put the end spoon inside the emoty pouch. And if the pouch isnt finished you can just close the lid and its ready for later!


They really are so versatile I bet you could think of plenty of other uses for them!


where can you find them?

Their website






I was sent two doddle bags and their attachments for the purpose of this review, all thoughts are my own and honest.




Review, sweet tooth

Mighty fine honeycomb (review)


I love honeycomb, when I was a child it was always my sweet of choice when we went anywhere which sold it. It’s so yummy! And when it’s dipped in chocolate its even better. However mighty fine honeycomb have taken it a step further! Flavoured chocolate honeycomb.


Salted caramel seems to be a really big thing at the moment. After eating this bar I completely know why! This is an absolute perfect honeycomb bar, the saltiness cuts through the sweetness. The chocolate is lovely and thick and it really leaves you wanting more!

I also got to try the dark chocolate one, I don’t have a picture of that because my self control got the better of me, dark chocolate is my real treat so when I saw the combination it was gone pretty much straight away (after breaking off a bit for FiL who spotted it upon opening the pack! It was so good, the dark chocolate lends its slight bitterness to the sweet honeycomb perfectly. Again the chocolate is a good depth meaning you do really get a taste of the chocolate not just a wimpy afternote.

The honeycomb is dense and really gives you the experience of a high quality honeycomb, its not at all chemically which some are. It’s very sweet and any more than one bar at a time may not be a good idea! Although you’ll want more after one its probably best not too! 

The bars are £1.79 they also do gift boxes for £7.50 and bags for £3.50.
The flavours are
Dark chocolate
Milk chocolate
Peanut butter chocolate
Salted caramel
Or just straight up honeycomb

They give a donation to the friends of the honeybee for every pack sold, and we all know how important honey bees are!

You can (and really really should) buy them from their website

I received two bars to review free of charge in return for an honest review, all thoughts are my own and not influenced in any way.


Marmalade the mouse and his Cornish adventure (review) and exciting EVENT!


Sometimes you come across something which is amazing, its suitable for any one of any age or any gender, that was how I felt when I was lucky enough to review marmalade the mouse and his Cornish adventure, by Lucy magicmaker.

The front cover is amazingly cute, the pictures are the sweetest illustrations ever and the colours are bright and bold capturing the eye of even the youngest little monkey in this house.

I’ve never really been the most sentimental about living in Cornwall but reading this book really did make me fall in love with the place I was born.

Marmalade the mouse got on a train hoping to reach London, however when he wakes up he’s in Cornwall! He meets a cheeky Cornish seagull called Sybil who takes him under her wing (and on it) whilst they embark on amazing adventures around Cornwall


It was amazing reading about some of the legends, stories and folk tales which I hadn’t heard of before. Neither of my girls had heard any of them before so they listened in total awe, even little L sat on my lap, totally silent staring at the wonderful imagery. They all laughed at my Cornish accent though! The book made midge want to be a pirate which really is a perfect profession for her, she loves water & stashes anything shiny.


There are little extracts through the book which are bigger and in red, I used these bits to get sassy involved in the story, as its quite long we read it in bits at night but the bigger fonts I asked sassy to help me reading. It’s such a cute book, but it would equally appeal to anyone interested in Cornwall. And I bet anyone reading it will learn something.

We really loved the book and look forward to keeping en eye on marmalades future adventures.

If you like the idea of the book or the awesome illustrations visit for more goodies…

Now onto the event.

Local West Country author and illustrator, Lucy Magicmaker, will be welcomed to Cornwall by Munchkins Nursery in Truro on Saturday, 16th April 2016 for a book signing of her latest book from her Great British Series called, ‘The Story of Marmalade the Mouse and His Cornish Adventure’.

This even is in order to help rais emoney for Little Harbour, which was opened in 2011, the same year sassy was born.

The Munchkins Nursery coffee morning Charity Fun & Buns will be a morning of laughter and fun, with music and creative workshops for children of all ages. Children can dress up in fancy dress in the pop-up Theatre, find treasure in a sand box, glue sticky mouse masks in a creative workshop, act out scenes from Marmalade the Mouse’s Cornish Adventure on a table top puppet theatre, or just run about making lots of noise. With a Small World area, Sensory Zone, and Soft Play room for toddlers, there bound to be something for everyone.

Lucy Magicmaker is running a free mouse drawing workshop for children and adults alike, plus giving a mini-mouse-makeover (face paint) to all who desire. Lucy is signing and drawing squeaky mouse balloons, plus there’s a free mouse sticker with your name on it to get everyone in a “mousey mood”. Signed and dedicated copies of her latest Cornish Adventure will be on sale at £14.50, and gorgeous handmade mice, clothes and bedding also available in Lucy’s pop-up shop. You’ll also be able to enjoy a photo opportunity next to a Range Rover-sized Giant Furry Mouse !

With a plentiful supply of coffee, cold drinks & buns at 50p each, and ice-creams with chocolate flakes and delicious cream teas at £1.00, the Marmalade the Mouse and Munchkins Charity Fundraiser looks set to both tasty and fun for all the family.

Find Munchkins Nursery at Fistral House on Threemilestone Business Park (just past Cornwall Farmers). Children enter for free, with a 50p charge for adults. Feel free to drop in between 10am and 1pm on Saturday, 16th April 2016, and stay for as long as you like. Once entering Threemilestone, just follow the Marmalade the Mouse and Sybil the Seagull signs, until you see a Range Rover-sized Giant Furry Mouse amidst the bunting … then, you’ll know you’ve arrived !

This sounds like a really amazing event and its only up the road from me so both me and the littlies will be going. The event is for an amazing cause, for families who primarily become carers and who thanks to Little Harbour are able to have a little bit of respite and somewhere they can relax and know their loved ones are being looked after. Being a carer at any age is hard but with the help of places like Little Harbour they are able to make it that little bit easier for everyone involved.

I really hope everyone gets involved and Im very much looking forward to meeting Lucy and anyone else who comes along.

I was sent to this book in return for an honest review, all thoughts are that of the crazy household.


A Cornish Mum


Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday



Tommee tippee ultra bottle. (Review)



Say tommee tippee to most mums and they’ll smile at the thoughts of the fab baby products, the known quality the use ability of items all mums use when our most precious mini people arrive. I know I do anyway, I used tommee tippee bottles for midge when she was little & when I was buying for froggy I knew I wanted tommee tippee bottles again. Not only did I buy their newborn starter pack I also bought the blue colour my world bottles, the microwave steriliser, dummies, and not long after he was born we bought the perfect prep machine. So you could say I like tommee tippee products, so when I got the chance to review the new bottle I jumped at the chance.



Natural Latch – The extra wide neck teat on the Ultra bottle offers a more breast-like shape for baby to latch onto. The teat is made from a super-soft, high grade silicone which allows the teat to move in multiple directions like a breast replicating a natural feeding action. The breast-like nature of this bottle makes for easy switching between breast and bottle.

Secure Seal – A contour zone has been uniquely built into the Ultra teat, which forms a perfect match to baby’s open mouth. This zone allows baby to form a secure seal around the teat which helps reduce air ingestion and discomfort. It also helps prevent messy milk dribbles for a more comfortable feed

Perfect Flow – The innovative angled teat on the Ultra bottle provides a more comfortable, upright feeding position for baby and the milk flows down the bottle in an even way right to the end of the feed


We love this bottle, the shape really helps as my little froggy is quite a dribbly baby. With this teat he doest dribble as much and he doesnt mess around with the teat so much in his mouth. As the milk level gets lower im not trying to twist the bottle to get the dregs into the end of the teat as due to the shape of the bottle and the teat it goes right down into the tip! hooray! I really like the shape of the bottle too as it sits in my hand really easily ( is that even an issue for other mums? some bottles feel like they are a bit too round?)  and the shape of the teat is preferable for little froggy. I will definately be changing over all Ultra bottles when my colours ones need replacing (I cant bring myself to get rid of the lovely coloured bottles just yet) Hes never had much trouble with wind (its so nice after 2 girls who both had colic!) but he did sometimes get hiccups when drinking his bottle however when he uses the ultra he doesnt ever get hiccups, maybe its coincidence but probably not. I love it and if I knew what I know now I wouldnt have bothered with the ‘normal’ bottles and gone straight for ultra.

The new Ultra bottles from Tommee Tippee are available in 150ml and 260ml sizes in packs of 1,2 and 3 in Boots priced from £8.99 for a single bottle to £19.99 for a pack of 3.
For more information, please visit or  Like us on Facebook : – or follow us on Twitter: @tommeetippee_uk or Instagram:  @tommeetippeeuk

The Tommee Tippee® product range is available at Amazon, Asda, Argos, Boots, Kiddicare, Mothercare, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Toys R Us or online at


I was sent the ultra bottle for the purpose of an honest review. All thoughts are my own and I havnt been influenced in any way
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Twirlywoos magazine- review

My daughters love twirlywoos, they watch it pretty much every day so when the magazine was up for review I had to jump at it!
Upon opening it I straight away saw how bright & colourful it was. There was a free gift with stamps, notepad & crayons. The girls firstly pushed the magazine aside to play with the stamps and ink. Then one of them realised there where STICKERS inside!!! My girls are obsessed with stickers.
The magazine is lovely, with colouring, short stories & other activities for the children to do. The girls liked trying to find peekaboo through the magazine.

It was a huge hit with both the 2 year old & 4 year old.



Yes she’s actually sat on the table..


I was sent the magazine in return for an honest review.


FiddleBeads Necklace REVIEW!

Sometimes really fab prducts come along and once youve used it you think, how did I ever manage before?! Well I thought the same when I had Sassy and was breastfeeding, I loved breastfeeding hugely however Sassy has nails like mine which grow very very fast and are rather scratchy and strong so I used to end up covered in claw marks whenever I fed her. So I bought a necklace which was supposed to keep her occupied, it was a cheap one, plastic and brigtly coloured and very very long, I wasnt a fan but it did what I needed it to do and kept her hands occupied. Its still at my mums house now and the girls like to wear it. I didnt use anything when feeding Midge as I did only do it for a short time. This time im already prepared! at 28 weeks I have a really amazing, versatile, cute necklace, which is wood not plastic, very smooth, adjustable in length and doesnt look like something that belongs in Sassys jewellery case.

DSCF1197 DSCF1199 DSCF1201 DSCF1203

These necklaces are gorgeous! My photography can not catch how fab they are. The wood is brilliantly smooth. Everything from Fiddlebeads is completely baby safe, the coloured wooden beads are all EN71-3 tested, the juniper teething shapes and beads are EU compliant, as are the ash teething rings and finally the silicone beads and shapes are all nasty free and safety tested so you can buy safe in the knowledge that everything is totally baby friendly.

Hayley Has also recenly introduced a new silicone/wood and just silicone range which gives you more optiona again. The beads can come in all different colours and they can be totally customised to what you want!

A few words from Hayley:

I also make custom pieces, I can match wrap/carrier/outfits or a can make for special occasions or baby shower/new baby gifts and I am always more than happy to chat to people if they have something specific in mind. I have a Facebook page which is and also an etsy shop which is  I am also on twitter and instagram and I am @fiddlebeads

And why Fiddlebeads started:

Fiddle beads fiddle necklaces were created when my breasteeding, sling riding daughter was pinching and pulling at me all the time when feeding or being worn, she was so distracted and nosey at the breast and pulling off at every little sound and was quite partial to pulling my hair when being carried. Fiddle beads are the perfect answer to keep her attention at the breast and also keep her hands and fingers occupied when feeding or being worn, and save me from pinching and pulling.

They really are fab and even though I dont have a tiny one at the moment I still wear it a lot & Midge likes to fiddle with it when shes tired. Both girls also enjoy wearing it. The strings are adjustable and I cannot wait untill Baby Blue Bump is here to use it fully! 😀

I was sent the necklace in return for an honest review, all opinions are my own.


Wannabees – Imaginative roleplay packs – REVIEW!

I was able to review a fab little pack from wannabees this week! The timing was perfect, it arrived on a Saturday when Boy & Girl where here too!


Girl was over joyed with the pack! She loves playing schools and its generally what they will spend hours playing whilst they are here (Sassy and Midge struggle a little as they only go to nursery at the moment) Both Boy and Girl had a bit of a heated debate about who was going to be teacher first! Girl won.. Obviously!

From their website the teacher pack includes:

Teacher Pack

  • Lots of exciting forms to fill in (50 in total)
  • Reward stickers and certificates for well behaved pupils!
  • Perforated pages so that items can be easily taken out and used
  • Perfect gift for any youngster who “loves” to play teachers
  • Includes:- Registers, timetables, lesson planners, classroom jobs list, lunch lists, weather charts, counting sheets, letter and number sheets, reading logs, school reports, achievement certificates, stickers

There is also a doctors pack which you can buy which looks like fun too!

Doctor Pack

  • Lots of exciting forms to fill in (50 in total)
  • Reward stickers and certificates for brave patients!
  • Perforated pages so that budding doctors can easily remove the forms
  • Perfect gift for any youngster who “loves” to play doctors
  • Includes:- Name badges, bed layout plans, patient health records, eyesight tests, growth charts, patient examination forms, end of bed notes, injection records, appointment cards, prescriptions, stickers

The kids filled in the register and we now have some certificates stuck around the house, and I have stickers falling out of the washing machine because everything was chucked in for wash without removing stickers first (OOPS!!)

Its really good, the counting and weather is fab and the letter tracing is great, I didnt think Sassy was able to trace as many letters as she could, and she was saying them as she was doing them so not only where they playing they where also helping her learn! She likes to write her own name but often writes letters back to front. The girls both know the weather but this helped put it into pictures.

It kept all 4 kids occupied for ages! I will definately consider getting the doctor one for either boy or girl for christmas.

DSCF1184 DSCF1186 DSCF1187 DSCF1188 DSCF1189 DSCF1191 DSCF1192 DSCF1194 DSCF1195 DSCF1196

If you would like to learn more  check them out here:


I was supplied a free pack in return for an honest review, all views are my own.