Rustic Gifts wax melts *review*

I was asked to review some wax melts for rustic gifts, of course I said yes. I am a massive fan of fruity scents, they are fresh, sweet and uplifting and always make me feel good!


I was sent:

Raspberry- I tried this one first as I love berries, The smell was gorgeous it was a sweet scent which made me smile straight away. The smell lasted for quite a while and it drifted nicely through the house the smell lingering in each room. It is a very fruity sweet scent, and completely gorgeous!

watermelon- this one was very fresh, it wasnt as strong as the raspberry one but again it was lovely and fruity giving a refreshing scent wafting around the house.

Grapefruit- this one I found to have the most subtle of scents. It drifted around in little bursts, just when you think it had stopped there would be a little pop of scent which was really quite nice.


All of the scents where very pleasant, the raspberry for me was by far the nicest scent and the longest lasting. I would use them all again, they where all lovely and fresh and fruity giving a real summery feel to the house.


For full lists of scents available ( aswell as the other beautifull items you can get) then find them on


and Instagram


I was sent these wax melts in return for an honest review which is what I have provided.

Doddle Bags * review*


I was very hppy when I was asked to review doddle bags, and im even happier now that Little L is about to begin his weaning journey ( I know hes only just 4 months but boy is he ready!)  These bags have so so many uses! there are currently two different attachemnts you can buy for it, a spoon or a paint brush! Or dont use an attachment and its just like a squeezy pouch.

you can use them for smoothies, yogurt, sauces, first weaning foods, toiletries, paint the uses really are endless.

What are DoddleBags?

Refillable, recyclable, dishwashable, freezable pouches with a spout. They are free from phthalates, PVC and BPA. Great for travellers and campers, babies and adults, artists and adventurers.

Each pack contains 10 calibrated pouches, 10 anti-choke caps in 10 different colours and 10 matching coding stickers.

Fill them with purees, smoothies, yoghurts, drinks in the kitchen, toiletries when you travel, (at 100ml, they are ideal for hand luggage), paint, glue, glitter, sand for your art projects. The list is endless. Click here for some inspiration….


For painting they are great, because rather than massive blobs of paint being splodged onto the papaer it is a small amount squeezed out so less paint is wasted and theres less mess. it makes it so much safer to give to a clumsy 2 year old ( yes midge i mean you) my favourite use for it by far was for yogurt, the ogurt is put in and closed up, you can put in an exact amount of yogurt, and as it squeezes straight onto the spoon it saves mess being made all over the foor (or table, hands or even head) and when tgeyve finished you dont nee dto put a sticky spoon back in your bag as you can put the end spoon inside the emoty pouch. And if the pouch isnt finished you can just close the lid and its ready for later!


They really are so versatile I bet you could think of plenty of other uses for them!


where can you find them?

Their website






I was sent two doddle bags and their attachments for the purpose of this review, all thoughts are my own and honest.




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10 gross things I do since becoming mum

1. Wet wipe washes, when you’ve 3 under 5, or at weekends 5 under 10 then time is short. Wetwipes are saviours if your a bit wiffy but have a 3 month old in a wrap and a 2 year old hanging off your leg whilst the 4 year old shouts for help to wipe her bum…

2. Growing my little fingernails long to pick bogeys. Little noses get so bunged up sometimes only a quick swipe of the nail will do..

3. Eat food that’s been in someone else’s hand, kids hands are gross! Yet if they come over with food in their grubby sticky hands I’ll accept it.

4. Fill my handbag/pockets with sticky snotty dirty wetwipes/tissues, well rather that than the floor..

5. Sniff the baby’s bum to see if he’s pooed. Well sometimes you’ve just gotta be sure!

6. Sniff test things to work out what they are, has someone weed on the floor or is it juice? Has someone been sat in chocolate or had an accident?

7. Brush talc through my hair and stick it in a ponytail, goes so well with the wetwipes wash…

8. Allow someone else to watch me go to the toilet! People with little children all know you no longer get to use the toilet in peace (sometimes I lick them out just for 5 minutes Alone though)

9. Share a bath which may or may not have been peed in! Ahh lovely relaxing bath and boom the door flies open and in sprints the 2 year old pulling off clothes as she goes and lunges headfirst into the bath… Thanks OH so much for I’ll keep them occupied so you can have a bath…

10. Wear clothes which are customised by my children, “ohh lovely broach” “yes the child has a horrendous cold and I thought the colour just goes” spit, snot and pretty much every other bodily fluid adorns my clothes, used to set off the designs, to stick on added glitter and to embellish my shoulders…

What gross things do you do?

A Cornish Mum
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Why I agree with the gender neutral idea..

I agree with the idea of a gender neutral childhood however I believe it should just be called a free childhood or an something else. People saying their children are gender neutral are in correct, every child has a gender, maybe some feel they arnt the correct gender, maybe some feel that they are gender fluid but they do have a gender.

I agree that toys should be neutral, yes there’s a place for pink and blue but there’s also a place for red, green, yellow. Bright colours are so much nicer. I don’t tell my children they must play with certain toys because they are girls, I don’t tell them they must wear certain things. Midge loves dinosaurs and trains and trucks, we are currently buying her birthday presents In preparation for her birthday next month, so far most of the presents are aimed at boys, a dinosaur, a robot, grow bug eating plants. She will love them because they are what she enjoys, however it doesn’t make her gender neutral, she’s still a girl and some of her other presents are pony’s and puppies, which she also really enjoys playing with.
One day when my partners children where over they swapped shoes & coats and wanted to wear them home, so I let them, his son will occasionally don one of our princess dresses or allow the girls to put his hair up (he’s 10 so it’s quite a big deal.)

I will always try to give my children whatever tools they need to become the people they want to become, however I have 2 daughters and a son, the toys they play with and the clothes they wear doesn’t change that fact. My children arnt gender neutral, they all have a gender however they are children who are free to explore all the opportunities in life and to make their own decisions about what they want.
Let children be children, they don’t need labels.


A Cornish Mum



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Mighty fine honeycomb (review)


I love honeycomb, when I was a child it was always my sweet of choice when we went anywhere which sold it. It’s so yummy! And when it’s dipped in chocolate its even better. However mighty fine honeycomb have taken it a step further! Flavoured chocolate honeycomb.


Salted caramel seems to be a really big thing at the moment. After eating this bar I completely know why! This is an absolute perfect honeycomb bar, the saltiness cuts through the sweetness. The chocolate is lovely and thick and it really leaves you wanting more!

I also got to try the dark chocolate one, I don’t have a picture of that because my self control got the better of me, dark chocolate is my real treat so when I saw the combination it was gone pretty much straight away (after breaking off a bit for FiL who spotted it upon opening the pack! It was so good, the dark chocolate lends its slight bitterness to the sweet honeycomb perfectly. Again the chocolate is a good depth meaning you do really get a taste of the chocolate not just a wimpy afternote.

The honeycomb is dense and really gives you the experience of a high quality honeycomb, its not at all chemically which some are. It’s very sweet and any more than one bar at a time may not be a good idea! Although you’ll want more after one its probably best not too! 

The bars are £1.79 they also do gift boxes for £7.50 and bags for £3.50.
The flavours are
Dark chocolate
Milk chocolate
Peanut butter chocolate
Salted caramel
Or just straight up honeycomb

They give a donation to the friends of the honeybee for every pack sold, and we all know how important honey bees are!

You can (and really really should) buy them from their website

I received two bars to review free of charge in return for an honest review, all thoughts are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Feeling like I’ve lost the connection

Recently I’ve begun feeling like I’ve lost my connection with my girls, I feel I’m always telling them “no” “wait” “in a minute” but that minute never comes. I feel I’m always feeding little L, cleaning up, tidying up, making the tea or on my phone eBay/shopping/Twitter/reading the news. So the girls have been pushed out. I hate myself for it. It shouldn’t be like this. I feel I don’t know my girls any more, I don’t know what goes on in their pretty little heads, they spend most of the day in their bedroom playing with their toys. I love that they are such independent children and very outgoing but I don’t want them to feel their mummy isn’t there for them.
I don’t think it’s helping midge because she still won’t use the toilet or potty but I think that’s partly because when I have to change her bum it means I’m paying her attention same with sassy at night times, she will get up lots of times & come into the front room and just say random things just so she’s got my attention whilst the other 2 are in bed.
They both tell me they miss me whenever they go anywhere.

I really need to get my connection back with my girls.



A Cornish Mum


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To new mummies & mummies to be (and daddies of course!)


Hi, well if your here your probably embarking on the most exciting, exhausting, exhilarating journey of your life, there will be good times, bad times and down right crappy times! Sometimes the baby will be awake for hours, crying & screaming, other times they will smile, giggle, babble & grab your finger.

What do you need? Well a babies basic needs are

to be fed & watered, whatever way you choose to feed your baby comes with equipment, bottles, steriliser, bottle brush, breast pump, nursing bras, nipple cream, breast pads.

To be comfy, clean dry nappies as needed, wipes to clean their bum, barrier cream helps prevent nappy rash, bamboo inserts if your cloth nappying, clean soft baby clothes, sleepsuits are best. Soft blankets which arnt scratchy or too heavy. Personally you cannot beat a knitted blanket. Enough layers that they arnt cold but not too many that they are too hot!

Sleep, somewhere appropriate & comfy to sleep, feet to foot position to stop baby wriggling down, not cluttered (no teddies which can fall onto baby) no pillows under 12 months, make sure they can’t roll off or out or get trapped. New mattress as it lowers the risk of SIDS.

Safety, appropriate pushchair for the age, a carrycot attachment is best at first, car seat, new not second hand, stair gates to barrier any hazards, cupboard locks to stop them drinking bleach or eating washing tablets.. (Yes the last ones you have a bit of time to worry about but not much!!)

Anything else is just nice to have so once you’ve got the basics then go but your nice to haves, pretty bedding, dummies, baby monitors, sleeping bags,baby bouncy chairs, swings, toys, mobiles. What’s important to you won’t be to everyone, your baby may not even like the extra bits you buy. Go second hand wherever you can (except for car seats and mattress) because babies use things for such a short amount of time! Little L is now in a cot bed, he used his Moses basket for 3 months but one month of that he was in his pushchair because he had such a bad cold/cough he needed to be upright.

Feed your baby how you feel is appropriate for your family, I breastfed sassy for 9 months, she was my only child we fell into it easily and she refused bottles, midge I breastfed for 6 weeks, then we moved house and suddenly I was alone with a 20 month old and a newborn all day so bottles where easier, little L I exclusively breastfed for about 5 days but he lost weight & I found it hard with a 2 year old and 4 year old, school runs and shopping and everything else! Don’t feel guilt whatever way you choose to feed! Baby being fed is the most important thing.

After the birth you may bleed, quite a lot. Make sure you’ve got thick pads, maternity ones or normal night time pads are fine. You may also get cramps as your stomach shrinks back down too. Like minor contractions.

If people are going to buy stuff or give you gifts either open a savings account or ask for baby shop gift cards so you can purchase what you need, who really needs 3 singing teddies or 2 of the same ball. Or 10000 outfits which are too small. We asked for any clothes to be 6 months + as we had bought most bits upto 6 months. 3 months after birth we are now going into 6-9 month clothes.

It will be hard, but it’s also so rewarding. The smiles, the giggles makes the sleep deprivation worth it. Babies whilst they are quite delicate, they arnt as delicate as some people seem to think. No shaking them but they don’t need to be totally wrapped in cotton wool, or maybe that’s just me..


Love for the outdoors


I saw a tweet on twitter recently where someone asked how you keep kids interested in and loving being outdoors in nature.
Both of my girls love being outside, rain or shine they want to be out. They are both still young and these are some ideas we use for playing outside.

bug hunts- use glasses, clear tubs, magnifying glasses and go rummage through the leaves & under stones see what bugs you can find, you could even print out a sheet of different bugs you’ve got to try to find. But please remember to put them back they are important parts of our ecosystem, breaking down leaf matter & feeding our wildlife.

making bug hotels- using stones and leaves create little houses for bugs to shelter in.

looking for slow worms- slow worms are really really cool! They can regrow their tails, and they arnt snakes but legless lizards.

leaf rubbings- if the weather looks like it could change any minute go collect lots of leaves, place them under some paper and with chalk, crayon or pencil rub over the leaf, leaving a lovely pattern on the paper, use multiple leaves and create your own wrapping paper.
flower presses- you can buy kits to press flowers or do it yourself using a heavy book! Place some bits of paper within the book to soak up the moisture which will come out of the flower & change this every couple of days. Place the flower inside and carefully close the book, pile more books on top and leave it, simple! You can also press flowers in the microwave between two tiles but I’ve not tried it.

using binoculars to look for birds- whether they are real binoculars or not (you know whether your child is sensible enough for real ones, mine arnt) kids love feeling grown up & looking through things, you could even use toilet roll tubes to make your own binoculars.

Cloud watching- what shapes can you see? Make up stories about what the clouds are doing.

How many petals on a flower? How many leaves on a branch? – pretty self explanatory, this is obviously one for younger children, but you could also ask them to find flowers/branches with certain amounts of leaves or petals.

How many steps- how many steps to the nearest tree/fence/flower, is it more steps to point A or point B? Can you do really big steps so it doesn’t take so many, or tiny steps so it takes lots of steps.

What lives in this hole/tree?- you need a bit of basic nature knowledge yourself for this, rabbit holes, badger sets, fox sets, bird nests, squirrel drays, they are all different, look for clues around the hole, rabbit poo, eggs in nests, feathers, footprints, fur. Make up stories about who lives in the hole and what they do.

Listen- see if you can recognise any sounds, birds chirping, rivers/streams bubbling, leaves rustling, trees creaking, foxes screeching. We have a fox family and a pheasant family in the field outside our house so we often hear them (and see them <3)

So they are some nature based things we do, we also have a sandpit, swings, slide, bikes, scooters, tents, to play on/in. And pavement chalk is a favourite too. There's so much outdoors, whether you have a garden or not.

Oh and the ultimate outdoor fun? Splashing in puddles!! Shoes on or off, getting muddy & wet is so much fun for all kids (and some of us adults too)

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday



Marmalade the mouse and his Cornish adventure (review) and exciting EVENT!


Sometimes you come across something which is amazing, its suitable for any one of any age or any gender, that was how I felt when I was lucky enough to review marmalade the mouse and his Cornish adventure, by Lucy magicmaker.

The front cover is amazingly cute, the pictures are the sweetest illustrations ever and the colours are bright and bold capturing the eye of even the youngest little monkey in this house.

I’ve never really been the most sentimental about living in Cornwall but reading this book really did make me fall in love with the place I was born.

Marmalade the mouse got on a train hoping to reach London, however when he wakes up he’s in Cornwall! He meets a cheeky Cornish seagull called Sybil who takes him under her wing (and on it) whilst they embark on amazing adventures around Cornwall


It was amazing reading about some of the legends, stories and folk tales which I hadn’t heard of before. Neither of my girls had heard any of them before so they listened in total awe, even little L sat on my lap, totally silent staring at the wonderful imagery. They all laughed at my Cornish accent though! The book made midge want to be a pirate which really is a perfect profession for her, she loves water & stashes anything shiny.


There are little extracts through the book which are bigger and in red, I used these bits to get sassy involved in the story, as its quite long we read it in bits at night but the bigger fonts I asked sassy to help me reading. It’s such a cute book, but it would equally appeal to anyone interested in Cornwall. And I bet anyone reading it will learn something.

We really loved the book and look forward to keeping en eye on marmalades future adventures.

If you like the idea of the book or the awesome illustrations visit for more goodies…

Now onto the event.

Local West Country author and illustrator, Lucy Magicmaker, will be welcomed to Cornwall by Munchkins Nursery in Truro on Saturday, 16th April 2016 for a book signing of her latest book from her Great British Series called, ‘The Story of Marmalade the Mouse and His Cornish Adventure’.

This even is in order to help rais emoney for Little Harbour, which was opened in 2011, the same year sassy was born.

The Munchkins Nursery coffee morning Charity Fun & Buns will be a morning of laughter and fun, with music and creative workshops for children of all ages. Children can dress up in fancy dress in the pop-up Theatre, find treasure in a sand box, glue sticky mouse masks in a creative workshop, act out scenes from Marmalade the Mouse’s Cornish Adventure on a table top puppet theatre, or just run about making lots of noise. With a Small World area, Sensory Zone, and Soft Play room for toddlers, there bound to be something for everyone.

Lucy Magicmaker is running a free mouse drawing workshop for children and adults alike, plus giving a mini-mouse-makeover (face paint) to all who desire. Lucy is signing and drawing squeaky mouse balloons, plus there’s a free mouse sticker with your name on it to get everyone in a “mousey mood”. Signed and dedicated copies of her latest Cornish Adventure will be on sale at £14.50, and gorgeous handmade mice, clothes and bedding also available in Lucy’s pop-up shop. You’ll also be able to enjoy a photo opportunity next to a Range Rover-sized Giant Furry Mouse !

With a plentiful supply of coffee, cold drinks & buns at 50p each, and ice-creams with chocolate flakes and delicious cream teas at £1.00, the Marmalade the Mouse and Munchkins Charity Fundraiser looks set to both tasty and fun for all the family.

Find Munchkins Nursery at Fistral House on Threemilestone Business Park (just past Cornwall Farmers). Children enter for free, with a 50p charge for adults. Feel free to drop in between 10am and 1pm on Saturday, 16th April 2016, and stay for as long as you like. Once entering Threemilestone, just follow the Marmalade the Mouse and Sybil the Seagull signs, until you see a Range Rover-sized Giant Furry Mouse amidst the bunting … then, you’ll know you’ve arrived !

This sounds like a really amazing event and its only up the road from me so both me and the littlies will be going. The event is for an amazing cause, for families who primarily become carers and who thanks to Little Harbour are able to have a little bit of respite and somewhere they can relax and know their loved ones are being looked after. Being a carer at any age is hard but with the help of places like Little Harbour they are able to make it that little bit easier for everyone involved.

I really hope everyone gets involved and Im very much looking forward to meeting Lucy and anyone else who comes along.

I was sent to this book in return for an honest review, all thoughts are that of the crazy household.


A Cornish Mum


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The trials of 3 under 5..

Maybe a few days ago you saw my tweet about siblings in sync? Well currently in my house all 3 siblings seem to need to poo at the same time! Midge is toilet training but still uses pull ups sometimes. Sassy has been toilet trained since she was 2 & a half and little L is 3 months old..
It kind of goes something like this.
I sit down to change little L because he’s stinking (again) suddenly midge is diving behind the sofa, she’s wearing big girl pants. Midge only hides behind the sofa when she’s done something she shouldn’t.. Then the smell slaps me round the face, oh no! I have little L nappyless laying on the changing mat, now midge has poo’d in (her sisters) pants which if not cleaned quick will be all over the floor & everywhere else, so I tell her to go into the bathroom, I’ll be in in a second, so off she goes. Suddenly I hear sassy screeching, “get out I’m trying to poo! It’s rude don’t watch me!…Mummy I was too busy playing and I started to  wee in my clothes & on the
bathroom floor/ toilet seat a bit!!” So whilst still attempting to wrestle a nappy back onto little L , midge is stood on the landing unsure where to go now pants full & uncomfortable, sassy screeching about privacy & needing new clothes, I just shake my head, why must they all go at the same time?! This is a regular occurrence as well, not just a one off. I never knew 3 little people could produce so much poo.

The other thing is being hungry or thirsty, every time I sit down to give little L his bottle one of the girls will appear from nowhere “I’m very very hungry” “I’m sooo thirsty” “I really really am so hungry/thirsty” “honestly I really need a drink”

At night they seem to tag team against me. There was a night last week, sassy was up till 10.30, midge then woke at 1.05 and again at 2.15, then little L woke at 3.30, sassy got out of bed to go the toilet & then was up untill 4.30, then little L woke at 6 when we got up.. Most nights I’ll go to bed about 11 midge will wake at 2 ish then be up till 4-5 then little L wakes at 5-5.30.

It is a total madhouse here, and as much as I wish they’d sleep better, that kids came toilet trained and wernt bottomless pits, they are my whole world.


A Cornish Mum