Love for the outdoors


I saw a tweet on twitter recently where someone asked how you keep kids interested in and loving being outdoors in nature.
Both of my girls love being outside, rain or shine they want to be out. They are both still young and these are some ideas we use for playing outside.

bug hunts- use glasses, clear tubs, magnifying glasses and go rummage through the leaves & under stones see what bugs you can find, you could even print out a sheet of different bugs you’ve got to try to find. But please remember to put them back they are important parts of our ecosystem, breaking down leaf matter & feeding our wildlife.

making bug hotels- using stones and leaves create little houses for bugs to shelter in.

looking for slow worms- slow worms are really really cool! They can regrow their tails, and they arnt snakes but legless lizards.

leaf rubbings- if the weather looks like it could change any minute go collect lots of leaves, place them under some paper and with chalk, crayon or pencil rub over the leaf, leaving a lovely pattern on the paper, use multiple leaves and create your own wrapping paper.
flower presses- you can buy kits to press flowers or do it yourself using a heavy book! Place some bits of paper within the book to soak up the moisture which will come out of the flower & change this every couple of days. Place the flower inside and carefully close the book, pile more books on top and leave it, simple! You can also press flowers in the microwave between two tiles but I’ve not tried it.

using binoculars to look for birds- whether they are real binoculars or not (you know whether your child is sensible enough for real ones, mine arnt) kids love feeling grown up & looking through things, you could even use toilet roll tubes to make your own binoculars.

Cloud watching- what shapes can you see? Make up stories about what the clouds are doing.

How many petals on a flower? How many leaves on a branch? – pretty self explanatory, this is obviously one for younger children, but you could also ask them to find flowers/branches with certain amounts of leaves or petals.

How many steps- how many steps to the nearest tree/fence/flower, is it more steps to point A or point B? Can you do really big steps so it doesn’t take so many, or tiny steps so it takes lots of steps.

What lives in this hole/tree?- you need a bit of basic nature knowledge yourself for this, rabbit holes, badger sets, fox sets, bird nests, squirrel drays, they are all different, look for clues around the hole, rabbit poo, eggs in nests, feathers, footprints, fur. Make up stories about who lives in the hole and what they do.

Listen- see if you can recognise any sounds, birds chirping, rivers/streams bubbling, leaves rustling, trees creaking, foxes screeching. We have a fox family and a pheasant family in the field outside our house so we often hear them (and see them <3)

So they are some nature based things we do, we also have a sandpit, swings, slide, bikes, scooters, tents, to play on/in. And pavement chalk is a favourite too. There's so much outdoors, whether you have a garden or not.

Oh and the ultimate outdoor fun? Splashing in puddles!! Shoes on or off, getting muddy & wet is so much fun for all kids (and some of us adults too)

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Tommee tippee ultra bottle. (Review)



Say tommee tippee to most mums and they’ll smile at the thoughts of the fab baby products, the known quality the use ability of items all mums use when our most precious mini people arrive. I know I do anyway, I used tommee tippee bottles for midge when she was little & when I was buying for froggy I knew I wanted tommee tippee bottles again. Not only did I buy their newborn starter pack I also bought the blue colour my world bottles, the microwave steriliser, dummies, and not long after he was born we bought the perfect prep machine. So you could say I like tommee tippee products, so when I got the chance to review the new bottle I jumped at the chance.



Natural Latch – The extra wide neck teat on the Ultra bottle offers a more breast-like shape for baby to latch onto. The teat is made from a super-soft, high grade silicone which allows the teat to move in multiple directions like a breast replicating a natural feeding action. The breast-like nature of this bottle makes for easy switching between breast and bottle.

Secure Seal – A contour zone has been uniquely built into the Ultra teat, which forms a perfect match to baby’s open mouth. This zone allows baby to form a secure seal around the teat which helps reduce air ingestion and discomfort. It also helps prevent messy milk dribbles for a more comfortable feed

Perfect Flow – The innovative angled teat on the Ultra bottle provides a more comfortable, upright feeding position for baby and the milk flows down the bottle in an even way right to the end of the feed


We love this bottle, the shape really helps as my little froggy is quite a dribbly baby. With this teat he doest dribble as much and he doesnt mess around with the teat so much in his mouth. As the milk level gets lower im not trying to twist the bottle to get the dregs into the end of the teat as due to the shape of the bottle and the teat it goes right down into the tip! hooray! I really like the shape of the bottle too as it sits in my hand really easily ( is that even an issue for other mums? some bottles feel like they are a bit too round?)  and the shape of the teat is preferable for little froggy. I will definately be changing over all Ultra bottles when my colours ones need replacing (I cant bring myself to get rid of the lovely coloured bottles just yet) Hes never had much trouble with wind (its so nice after 2 girls who both had colic!) but he did sometimes get hiccups when drinking his bottle however when he uses the ultra he doesnt ever get hiccups, maybe its coincidence but probably not. I love it and if I knew what I know now I wouldnt have bothered with the ‘normal’ bottles and gone straight for ultra.

The new Ultra bottles from Tommee Tippee are available in 150ml and 260ml sizes in packs of 1,2 and 3 in Boots priced from £8.99 for a single bottle to £19.99 for a pack of 3.
For more information, please visit www.boots.com or  www.tommeetippee.co.uk.  Like us on Facebook : – www.facebook.com/tommeetippeeUK or follow us on Twitter: @tommeetippee_uk or Instagram:  @tommeetippeeuk

The Tommee Tippee® product range is available at Amazon, Asda, Argos, Boots, Kiddicare, Mothercare, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Toys R Us or online at www.tommeetippee.co.uk.


I was sent the ultra bottle for the purpose of an honest review. All thoughts are my own and I havnt been influenced in any way

To my boy

My beautiful baby boy, your now 7 weeks old. The time has flown by but I couldn’t imagine life without you now. Your gorgeous smile & cute little giggle. You weigh 11 lbs 7oz now, 0-3 month clothes are pulling tight on your toes, I don’t want to move you into 3-6 month clothes because it seems like a massive leap towards not being a baby baby any more.
Your sisters adore you & are always kissing your squishy face, already your facial expressions show what they will for years to come, its an expression which says ‘oh no here they come again! please just leave me alone!!’ But be prepared, you’ve not experienced anything yet. As you get bigger your sisters will put hair clips in your hair, makeup on your face, dress you in frilly clothes & spray you with stinky flowery sprays. But on the upside when you all reach teendom you will always be surrounded by girls, youll be in your eliment!
You are a real mummy’s boy at the moment & love nothing more than being carried in your stretchy wrap. You generally sleep for 3-5 hours at a time and when you are awake you are happy to chat & smile. You are a very laid back baby and I’m so glad that most of the time you can self settle with no problem. Like now, laying on the sofa with me you where awake just now, but within minutes your eyes have fluttered closed and your asleep.
We didn’t have the easiest of starts, your body temp wouldn’t regulate at first & mummy wasn’t with you for the first 2-3 hours of your life and I couldn’t pick you up properly myself for the first 3 days but it didn’t beat us.

I love you baby boy.


A Cornish Mum




Wannabees – Imaginative roleplay packs – REVIEW!

I was able to review a fab little pack from wannabees this week! The timing was perfect, it arrived on a Saturday when Boy & Girl where here too!


Girl was over joyed with the pack! She loves playing schools and its generally what they will spend hours playing whilst they are here (Sassy and Midge struggle a little as they only go to nursery at the moment) Both Boy and Girl had a bit of a heated debate about who was going to be teacher first! Girl won.. Obviously!

From their website the teacher pack includes:

Teacher Pack

  • Lots of exciting forms to fill in (50 in total)
  • Reward stickers and certificates for well behaved pupils!
  • Perforated pages so that items can be easily taken out and used
  • Perfect gift for any youngster who “loves” to play teachers
  • Includes:- Registers, timetables, lesson planners, classroom jobs list, lunch lists, weather charts, counting sheets, letter and number sheets, reading logs, school reports, achievement certificates, stickers

There is also a doctors pack which you can buy which looks like fun too!

Doctor Pack

  • Lots of exciting forms to fill in (50 in total)
  • Reward stickers and certificates for brave patients!
  • Perforated pages so that budding doctors can easily remove the forms
  • Perfect gift for any youngster who “loves” to play doctors
  • Includes:- Name badges, bed layout plans, patient health records, eyesight tests, growth charts, patient examination forms, end of bed notes, injection records, appointment cards, prescriptions, stickers

The kids filled in the register and we now have some certificates stuck around the house, and I have stickers falling out of the washing machine because everything was chucked in for wash without removing stickers first (OOPS!!)

Its really good, the counting and weather is fab and the letter tracing is great, I didnt think Sassy was able to trace as many letters as she could, and she was saying them as she was doing them so not only where they playing they where also helping her learn! She likes to write her own name but often writes letters back to front. The girls both know the weather but this helped put it into pictures.

It kept all 4 kids occupied for ages! I will definately consider getting the doctor one for either boy or girl for christmas.

DSCF1184 DSCF1186 DSCF1187 DSCF1188 DSCF1189 DSCF1191 DSCF1192 DSCF1194 DSCF1195 DSCF1196

If you would like to learn more  check them out here:


I was supplied a free pack in return for an honest review, all views are my own.


Dermocare plasters Review

I was able to review Dermocare Ocean Life and Safari Plasters. They are so cool!

DSCF0817 DSCF0819

My children are accident prone. They are both always covered in scratches and bruises. Sassy is very absent minded and like me cant seem to judge how close she is to objects, we bot regularly catch ourselves on door frames, door handles and the baby gate!  She also loves to spin around making herself dizzy and causing herself to walk into things and fall over! Sassy also has eczema which at the moment is flaring up a bit and cracking slightly.


Midge is a daredevil, she is currently hanging head first off the sofa.. In our house we have radiators under the windows meaning she can climb onto the window sils and watch out of the window (until we ruin her fun and get her down! Due to living in a coach house, mentioned here being in the windows isn’t a good idea!) She doesn’t walk anywhere, she runs, full pelt with her face to the floor, as if she is charging at something. So these plasters where a godsend!

The plasters are waterproof which was great when midge decided to empty a whole bottle of juice over her lap (again) and the designs are amazing. And these plasters will appeal to kids of all ages! Especially the age where cartoon plasters are no longer cool but normal plasters are BORIIIIING!

Each pack contains 18 plasters in 3 different sizes featuring 8 different animals! One thing which I personally think is important is that they support the projects of WWF.  So not only are you getting awesome plasters, you’re also doing your bit to help wildlife and as an avid animal lover this is important to me! You can buy them from Ocado and Amazon for £2.99 per pack (price subject to change. Correct at time of review).

The plasters are just as good for you as for the animals they support:

  • Washproof & breathable
  • Protection from dirt & bacteria
  • Designed for all ages from birth
  • Hypoallergenic & latex free
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Easy to remove

They get a thumbs up from us!

DSCF0822 DSCF0819

I was provided these plasters in return for an honest review. All views are my own.

excuse my rubbish photography in this review! my camera is having a wobbly and I think I may need a new one!

buytshirtsonline T-shirt kit Review

I was lucky enough to review a Tshirt designing kit from buy tshirts online.

The kids had MEGA fun doing these!

I ironed the images on to the t shirts whilst the kids where out.

DSCF0791 DSCF0792

DSCF0795 DSCF0796

When they saw them (with just the images on) they where very impressed and when I told them they where aloud to draw on them they looked at me as if id grown another head and 3 legs..

DSCF0797 DSCF0798

All 4 sat down on a blanket (to minimise damage to my carpet!) and we got the pens out. Boy, Girl Sassy & Midge got straight to it. The 2 eldest drawing recognizable pictures and writing their names. Sassy was making really thick blobs which Fil showed her how to spread but Midge decided to lean on the pen causing it to squirt EVERYWHERE! I now have a ruined top & pair of jeans as well as it being on my carpet. I’ve also found it in my hair despite it being washed many times since the incident and this happening about 3 weeks ago (if not more.. )

DSCF0829 DSCF0830 DSCF0833 DSCF0834

These kits are fab, the T-shirts are the fantastic quality which we all know from fruit of the loom clothing. Boy (aged 8) and Girl (aged 6) really enjoyed the task and got the best results and for children of this age its brilliant to keep them occupied. Sassy (aged 3) had fun but couldn’t really get the hang of it and Midge (22 months) isn’t getting pocket money until shes paid for a new carpet/jeans/top.. well not really (we don’t do pocket money) but it wasn’t such a great task for her, although she enjoyed it there is not a chance I would let her near fabric paint until shes 21!

Kit provided by http://www.buytshirtsonline.co.uk/

I was provided these kits in return for an honest review, all views are my own.
Money Saving

Money saving (yes again im sorry!)

I know these posts have been done OVER AND OVER! But after watching ITV’s bargain fever and reading through the #bargainfever hashtag I cant believe how many people still either don’t understand the benefits or don’t know how to do it. There are so many advantages for us, for business’, for the planet.

And I do apologize HUGELY if this appears a bit ranty.

I make no secret of the fact I am SKINT, not just a little bit but I am in debt, some weeks I struggle to buy food, my proper internet has currently been turned off and I have no land line because of not being able to afford the bills, I’m currently using BT wifi, about 85% of both of my children’s clothes are second hand from someone on freecycle and the other 15% have been bought by my family when I’ve mentioned the kids need things. My heating and water accounts are getting bigger and bigger because I struggle to afford them. Me & my partner are in a dire position but we make the most of what we have and we always manage somehow.

Birthdays and Christmas our kids get £30 spent on them. In this day and age thats nothing! Birthday cake is a 20p cake mix which I quickly rustle up with a bit of melted chocolate/chocolate chips. My parents spend more on my children for birthdays & Christmas than we do.

So any chance we get to save money or get anything free we grab!


I love coupons, I did once have a shop which I managed to reduce from £112 to £4 using coupons. I do get Healthy start vouchers which helps with the likes of fruit and veg and milk (we get through tonnes of milk) but for everything else I try find vouchers. Using the vouchers is best when the item is also on offer.

some of the websites I use for coupons are
http://ashleighmoneysaver.co.uk/coupons-and-freebies/ – I LOVE this site, ashleigh has done really well, theres a huge amount of coupons there are fantastic tips and loads of help on this site.

http://www.caringeveryday.co.uk/ – this site is brilliant for personal care vouchers

https://www.supersavvyme.co.uk/ – this site is great for vouchers but also for free samples!

There are more but these are my 3 main go to’s for vouchers. Most supermarkets accept them but each supermarket has their own ‘couponing code’ so some wont allow you to use over a certain amount, some will check you’ve bought the item before letting you use the coupon (which annoys people behind you) but most are pretty cool with it all and scan them on through. I tend to try use self service tills so I’m not holding people up too much and can do my coupons in peace, the people who oversee self service all know me now and always give me a hand with coupons which are playing up! I have also had him keep back a couple of vouchers which someone wasn’t able to use and give them to me (I think he feels sorry for me)


Food which is close to best before or just out of best before is FINE! All a best before date means is that the item will be at its optimum before that date, after that fizzy pop may not be as fizzy, crisps may not be so crunchy, the flavours may not be as intense, but generally its still exactly the same! As far as I know food isn’t able to tell the time or read a calender. Does a magic chime at midnight suddenly render food of certain dates uneatable? I dont understand the obsession with throwing things away. Generations of people before us didnt have use by, or best before dates. We all have senses which should be used to judge whether something is edible or not. Have a look, does it look okay? yes, does it smell okay? yeah, try a tiny bit, does it still taste okay? yes, then it is fine to eat! If you are worried that meat/fish or other things are going to go out of date freeze them. You can freeze most things now. It keeps things for longer, your able to take advantage of reduced items it just makes sense. We have a big chest freezer out in our shed so that when we get offers we can fill up our spare freezer, meaning then there are times I don’t have to shop! I spent £80 on my last shop and that was 3 weeks ago, since then I’ve bought a couple of top up bits and I’m going to do a small £20 shop today, just a few top up bits. Because I have stocked up cupboards, freezers, fridge I’ve not had to do a shop for 3 weeks!

http://www.clearancexl.co.uk/ – short dated/out of date bulk food supplys

http://www.approvedfood.co.uk/ – short dated/ out of date food


Tv and internet are things which most of us couldn’t live without (especially with children!) as I said earlier I’m currently using BT wifi which is free for all BT customers. But on Friday I am having broadband provided by Fuel broadband, free broadband for 12 months just pay line rental £15 + unlimited phone calls for £3 so I will be paying £18 a month for unlimited broadband and phone, with BT I was paying £60+ and as for tv the best thing everyone could do is get rid of sky/freeview/freesat, all of it and get nowtv/chromecast or something like that, you get to watch what you want, when you want to watch it, you wont have to pay tv licence, you arnt paying for 101 channels which you’ve never even glanced at. There are so many options now for watching tv on the internet I don’t understand why anyone still pays tv licence or sky. 


I spend so much time on freecycle and freegle. We have picked up numerous things on there and its a really fantastic way of getting things you need and want and helping keep landfill levels down! We’ve had my daughters bed, loads of kids clothes, lawn mower, a massive gas bbq, kids bikes and scooters, freestanding metal clothes rail for daughters room, two tvs which are in our bedrooms and lots more but they are the ones which come to mind. And we’ve even had stuff dropped off to us as we cant drive. People on there are generally really understanding and brilliant. I love it and the buzz if getting free items is brilliant (yes I’m sad!) and freeloved is part of preloved, ive personally not had anything off of there but its basically free classifieds like in newspapers etc. 





Before everyone breaks out the competition sites this is NOT a quick, easy or guaranteed way of getting anything! There are people who are able to say they have massive tvs & game stations in every room, have traveled the world  & taken pictures on a brand new camera, won cars and thousands of pounds. But chances are to win them they will have put in HOURS of work. The average serious comper will enter over 150 competitions a day. And all to often people will arrive on the forum and say I’ve entered 20 competitions since I started 3 days ago and not won anything! Well no, the average win takes approx 4000 entries. Some people will have a couple of months where they win loads and then go through a dry patch when they win nothing. End of last year October till December ish I had a real good streak I was winning things once a week and it really helped at Christmas but this year so far ive won two things. And neither have been big or worth much money. But I spend 3 hours of a morning entering competitions, then through the day I enter all of the twitter ones I see. And I will bob on and off the pc between sorting the children and my OH being on it. And even then its not certain you will win, some people have been entering for years and never won a thing! 


But read this first:

I know there’s lots more but I have run out of steam… I had them all listed in my head before I started but once I started waffling on ive lost the other things somewhere amongst the other 1381 words which I had typed up to that point!

If you find a voucher use it! Dont throw away things just because a packet says best before! Always try get things on freecycle or second hand before buying new.

Times are hard for everyone, but things will get better.. when I don’t know, but they will.


BurgerKing Delivers!

Occasionally we like a takeaway. We got a flyer through the door about BurgerKing’s trial delivery service! This got me very excited, when sassy was born I used to go into BurgerKing every couple of days, I could walk in the door and hand over my money without saying a word and my food would appear at my table in no time. *BAD MUMMY ALERT* Sassy was pretty much weaned on burger king chips.

I love BurgerKing over any other take away. So we tried the website.. Nope, wouldnt accept our address! Stupid website, so I rang the number on the flyer.. Told the lady about my problem and she said they could deliver to me.. Woopeee! So I ordered (which was a difficult feat as I struggled to understand the lady on the phone) the store rang to confirm and then I just had to wait, the driver got sent to a different address because our address didn’t show to the woman on the phone she just gave them a different address. Delivery driver rang to get our actual address and off I went to wait.. Then another call, delivery driver was lost. In the end he got here, an hour and a half after I ordered, when I opened it up they hadn’t put in the sauces which I asked for and the chips where gross! It was all cold.

so I emailed and complained, the whole point of a trial is to iron out the creases, if no one commented on less than perfect service then they would never improve it! And the reaction from BurgerKing was fantastic!

I got a phone call from the store and the man on the phone was massively apologetic! And offered to do the order again and get the delivery driver who now knows where we are to show the other drivers so it doesn’t happen to anyone else around here!

This time when the food arrived it was piping hot, the chips where the amazing proper BurgerKing chips which I remembered, the sauces where all there and the meal was absolutely amazing. Everyone I spoke to throughout this situation was so apologetic and wanted to do all they could to keep my custom. And I am hugely appreciative about how well they handled it.

BurgerKing, well done on handling my complaint so well, for responding brilliantly and showing that customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. It has firmly cemented you at the top of my takeaway choice list.

Has blogging made me more critical of companies? yes, Has blogging made me more likely to pull a company up on any issues I have? yes.. But without this feedback things wont improve. Has blogging changed your perspective on business’ and products?


The Girls

Sassy- 3 years, 5 months, and 9 days or 1258 days old.
Blonde haired blue eyed, messy summer beachy hair. Can be slightly shy in the beginning but will soon be dancing and singing for you. Loves being the centre of attention. Goes to nursery 3 times a week and LOVES it. However shes always happy to come home to her sister! Loves to draw and read, sing and dance. Scared of lots of things. Been out of nappies since she was 2, is a fussy eater and survives on chicken nuggets, pizza and fish fingers but will eat fruit untill shes sick! Favourites being strawberries and blueberries. Happy to walk for quite a distance for little legs. Loves watching Peppa pig, Ben & Holly, and nursery rhyme youtube channels. Real girly girl. very dizzy, send her to do something and within 2 minutes shes forgotten and been distracted. Very rarely listens to what your actually saying!

Midge- 1 years, 9 months, and 11 days or 652 days old.
Strawberry blonde haired with blue/grey eyes. straight hair. Very outgoing and will talk to anyone. Sings wheels on the bus every time we catch a bus. Loves her big sister to bits and misses her when shes gone. Has no fear what so ever, falls over, falls off but very rarely sheds a tear. Loves pasta, isnt keen on bread! Soya milk drinker. Loves walking and exploring. Loves peppa pig and thomas the tank engine. Sings the ABC (not 100% but shes got the rhythm & the letters all get thrown in!) she can also count to 5 on her own and upto 10 when prompted. Picks up words and is able to use them in context. Midge amazes us daily with her vocabulary and how clever she seems to be!

Together the girls scheme and come up with all sorts of ideas! They will often disappear for a while and then when we find them they are sat quietly trying to open things they shouldn’t be, soaking each other in the bathroom, or jumping on the beds! They follow each other around the house and if one is in a different room they ask for each other. They are both really close and I love that. Yes they squabble and fight, what siblings don’t?! they also do each others heads in quite a bit. But I know as they grow up they will be there for each other.

This post highlights the positive sides of my girls.. One day I may have time to point out their snotty nosed gross rude devil side! But for now we will bathe in the awesome glow they cast 😉



We all have hair, in varying amounts, in various places. This post is about head hair!

I have long hair, its about waist height, when I was younger I refused to put it up, my mum trying to scrape it into a pony tail or plait then I started working in a bakery and in restaurants so had to have my hair up out of the way. Then after having the girls I have just resigned myself to throwing it in a pony tail and getting on with it.

The girls hair however I take a lot more time on. Every day they get sat down and faffed around with whilst I try and put their hair up. They are both very good and will sit still for the time it takes. I like to experiment with their hair so its not the same every day.

This is Sassy’s hair. she gets beautiful ringlets sometimes but other times its more like a wave which is what my hair is like.

DSCF0800 DSCF0801 DSCF0799

I love her hair, its really summery/beachy.

So today I put the top bit up in a topsy turvy, then I split it and made 2 more topsy turvys either side making sure I left some hair underneath which I then plaited.


She says the top topsy turvy is a crown so she looks like a princess.

Midges hair is different  (excuse the tangles it is like a birds nest in the morning!) Its quite straight compared to Sassys


Because her hair is still very fine it can be difficult to do much in her hair, so I kept it quite simple today

I got the top of her hair up out of the way, then separated the bottom into 2 little pony tails, then I let down a bit of the top hair, and bought the bottom pony tail up diagonally then made 2 more pony tails, then bought them up together with the rest of her hair to make one single pony tail at the top.

DSCF0807 DSCF0808 DSCF0810

These are both pretty simple hairstyles which I resort to when I’m running out of time. I love to do their hair, and I love the comments we get walking down the street! And its functional as they haven’t got hair in their eyes/mouth/snot plastering it to their faces, and it helps fighting the never ending war against nits! I hate nits with a passion, I also every evening take the girls hair out and use a fine tooth comb to go through their hair. Just in case!!

When putting their hair up i use loom bands! We have loads here from the summer craze of last year, And now they are even cheaper than they where then so I can get hundreds for a couple of pounds! They are grippy enough on shiny soft baby hair but not so grippy that they pull too much (there is a bit of pulling but neither of my girls mention it)

Do you have any tips/advice for doing littlies hair?